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Well you've probably all figured out by now that when Captain Toussiant runs the boat you can just about forget the idea of receiving any kind consistent photos or reports. That doesn't mean however that the fishing has suffered any and in fact it usually means that the fishing is good. I will once again report that the catch Randy just unloaded was as good a haul on a four day summer voyage that one could ever hope for featuring quantity, quality, and variety. Yesterday was the big day offshore with the huge quantity of albacore that have been taunting us for so long finally dropping their guard and taking a shellacking from all boats in the area. Randy was actually driving away from the jumbo longfin by three p.m. looking for some exotics to finish up on.

As we depart on our annual Pacific Edge five day, reports indicate the coveted albacore, so willing and prolific yesterday, have once again changed their mind giving the majority of the guys a rough go of it after a decent shot at daylight. There has been some picking done late but it appears that we have our work cut out for us if we plan to put a catch of albacore on the boat tomorrow. So be it and we are prepared with a fantastic group of anglers and a beautiful load of bait to get the job done.

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