Posted: 21:33:00

Back in the saddle today with nice steady fishing on 30-70lb tuna and a few yellows. Beautiful weather, nice scenery, and white shark sightings also added to the enjoyment. We are going to finish the trip up here at Guadalupe tomorrow with the offshore scene producing only small yft.


Posted: 08:21:46

I know there was some interest among you regarding the birth of the newest addition to our family and Royal Star team. Duke James Ekstrom is here arriving in perfect health just after noon on the 28th. My wife Merrilee came through like a champ and is enjoying some peace with our new son. As reported earlier, I will be off the boat through November 3rd but will be in our office or around town participating in the daily management of Royal Star. I will also continue to pass along pertinent information as it arrives. Judging by the reports everyone can gather that the fishing has taken a tough turn over the past couple of weeks but that is certain to change as the month of October progresses.

Good Fishing,



Posted: 21:13:04

Tough conditions made for slow fishing today but we did scratch 22 tuna from 30-65lbs and 20 small yellows. We are going to spend the night and hope the current straightens out tomorrow.


Posted: 21:23:42

Nice start on our final five-day of the season here at Lupe today. We arrived late morning and got down to business right away keeping two to five going until dark. Our talley was 87 yellowfin, most of which were 25-50lbs with 10 from 50-70lbs. We also released numerous small yellows and kept 20. We are going to spend the night and hope to make our whole trip here.


Posted: 17:09:09


Posted: 08:27:00

Spent our last morning trying for some yellowtails.We will arrive in Pt Loma between 0800 - 0900.


Posted: 10:09:00

Today we had a slow scratch at Guadalupe.We still have beautiful weather and are praying the fish will want to bite in the morning before we have to return to San Diego.


Posted: 09:06:00

Today we had another slow day of fishing.The good news is we still have beautiful weather.We are all hoping are luck will change soon.


Posted: 23:19:10

Today we had a very slow day of fishing,but we did have a beautiful day of weather. Hope the fish gods will be kind to us tomorrow.


Posted: 19:59:37


Posted: 07:59:00

Fished offshore all day for absolutely nothing. On a bright note the weather came down today and was flat calm by dark, giving us high hopes that this big albacore will float again for next trip. We will be in at 0700 tomorrow and Brett will be back out again on a five day. Hopefully his reports will resume on the 23rd.


Posted: 18:35:00

Another slow day here at the island with the only saving grace being the quality of the tuna we landed. We ended up with a handful of yellows and 15 tuna, most of which were 50-90lbs with three over 100lbs. Not the big hit we've grown accustomed to recently but it was nice to stay out of the weather and scratch a few trophies.

We are traveling up tonight and plan on finishing the trip tomorrow in the offshore grounds.


Posted: 23:20:17

Very slow here today but we did manage to scratch a handful of 60-75lb tuna and a few yellows. The weather came up considerably in the offshore grounds so we were thankful to be in the lee of a beautiful island while catching a few fish. We are going to spend the night here and hope things pick up tomorrow while giving the weather time to come down.


Posted: 09:33:00

Bang up way to start the trip with incredible fishing on the 30-50lb albacore with a few nice yellowfin mixed in. There were also a few stops on the 40lb bigeye in the fleet today making for what looks to be quite an ending to the season.

We are presently making our way to the lupe where we hope to spend the next two days trying for trophies. Hopefully this offshore scene continues to develop and we'll finish up the trip here on the 21st.


Posted: 18:24:45


Posted: 08:33:00

We finished up the trip today in fine style with incredible fishing on 35-50lb albacore in beautiful flat calm weather. It has been an amazing season on this trophy albacore, even Frank L can't recall such consistent fishing on this grade fish out of San Diego in his long career. There are also a few bigeye starting to show up, which might make for an interesting end to our short season.

We will be in tomorrow at 0700 and back out on another five day. Reports will resume on the 18th.


Posted: 08:34:00

A classic day of long range fishing with nice steady action on yellowfin tuna from 30-90lbs and a sprinkling of yellows up to 57lbs. Fine scenery, flat calm weather, and fish crashing around all day added to the enjoyment. Sardines on the 40 and 50lb produced all the fish today.

We are presently traveling up the line and plan to finish up the trip tomorrow in the offshore grounds, which picked up considerably today.


Posted: 09:10:00

Nice steady fishing on 15-25lb yellows in great weather made for a welcome change from yesterday. Flylined sardines, yo yo jigs, and surface iron all produced well making for very fun angling. Everyone had their fill by late this afternoon and we are presently making another move in hopes of getting a shot at some bigger fish tomorrow.


Posted: 06:55:00

We started our latest 5-day in the offshore grounds today for tough fishing on the jumbo albacore. We managed to get two decent stops by early afternoon and kicked it up to spend the day fishing yellows tomorrow. Hopefully this area develops and we can finish up the trip here in a few days.


Posted: 22:36:42


Posted: 09:05:00

Better late than never as the saying goes and although I agree with the logic I'd rather break this pattern we seem to have established and get busy before the final hours of our offshore effort. We began in an entirely new area today hoping to break some ground and get busy on some bigger bluefin. We found plenty of good water and plenty of fish but the morning size average would have been ideal baits in our winter tuna fishery at best. Midget yellowtail and yellowfin have arrived in force and although they do provide excitement in some circles they are a horrendous nuisance in my book. Kelp after kelp was loaded with the suicidal youngsters and as such we opted to make a move into a different zone as fast as the screws would take us. Fortunately with the help of our good pals on the Angler, we had exciting prospects to run for as a new area of "fatso" albacore popped up within our reach. It made for a long day of looking but once again we ended up with a respectable shot of jumbo albacore to expand the variety list and end an already fantastic voyage on a high note.

Now Captain Toussaint returns to the helm and will be the main influence for the next six weeks as I bow out in preparation for the new arrival my wife and are expecting in the next couple of weeks. Of course it will be difficult to remain shoreside and I suppose some of you may miss these reports but I am abandoning everyone for a good cause and will return in early November to continue reporting the day's events. Until then I will keep the pressure up on the guys to pass along reports and photos. As reported Captain Toussaint and also captain Rouintree will assume command over the next few weeks and we even have a cameo appearance by long time Royal Star veteran, now New Lo-An owner and Captain, Markus Medak on the schedule. Conditions on the outside are ripe for this incredible season to continue and as such I have all the confidence in the world that everyone will continue to do well. That said I wish everyone the best of luck on their upcoming voyages.



Posted: 21:26:23

Just what the doctor ordered today restoring confidence in all those who were challenged by conditions at Guadalupe while targeting yellowfin tuna. This day can only be described as incredible; vintage long range action right out of the movies with full speed yellowtail fishing on nice quality fish in the most gorgeous weather one could hope for. Fishing bare backed in the balmy weather and blazing sun, all anglers were thrilled by outrageous surface action with groups of voracious yellowtail hammering sardines in every direction and biting just about any variety of surface or yo yo jig or bait thrown. So good was the action in fact that on three separate occasions we had to stop fishing to get the deck organized and fish stored properly to protect the delicate product from the overhead sun. These are the occasions we live for and I have to say as a side note that with the tremendous effort we exert towards producing a premium quality product, the crew we have on Royal Star is the finest group of capable professionals I have ever worked with. It is a beautiful sight to see such an incredible effort handled with a style that appears now to be as natural as breathing to these exceptional young men. It is my genuine hope that all of you reading these reports have the chance, if you have not already, to make a voyage with us on Royal Star and experience the difference our team makes in the overall success of your adventure.

For our final day we are heading offshore again to do some prospecting clinging to the stubborn belief that if we continue to put forth the effort we will eventually be rewarded for our perseverance. Of course I am referring to trophy bluefin or perhaps now bigeye that would put the icing on the cake in the case of this voyage that is already hugely successful with the catch we have on board. We will spend our day looking tomorrow and with any luck will have good news to report the day following.


Posted: 09:42:39

We logged a nice day at the island with steady morning fishing for 30 - 60# yellowfin that led into the early afternoon. The pattern appeared similar to yesterday when the early afternoon lull arrived and we planned to take advantage of the evening hit much as we did yesterday when the fish moved back in. As occurs so many times in fishing however the tuna had different motivations and never did make the evening showing leaving us holding the bag so to speak all dressed up with no where to go. It was a significant disappointment but thankfully we made the most of our morning with a strong showing by the guys who had already put a respectable day's catch in the hatch. After much consternation, we bid the island farewell late treating our ecstatic group of fishermen to the memorable spectacle of sundown over Guadalupe with a glassy sea in the foreground. Heavenly is the only description worthy of the traveling conditions we encountered away from the island. No swell, no wind, no seas, sunny and warm. How could it possibly be better?


Posted: 09:18:00

So far so good after riding out a troublesome mid afternoon lull that had us concerned as to the wisdom of our starting move. We were thankfully reminded however as the evening led into more fantastic action on yellowfin similar to what we have been enjoying throughout the past month. The better quality fish were definitely in a biting mood yesterday and the only negative to report as a result is that the local Great Whites were back to their offensive behavior of targeting the biggest fish as snacks. I don't want to complain to loudly as we had a fantastic day to be thankful for but suffice to say our day would have been epic had it not been for the steady deterrents that grew in numbers (and size) as the evening progressed. On a brighter note the weather that challenged us last trip was a dream come true today with flat calm, balmy conditions gracing our entire day making the effort a pleasure to put forth. On to the next day now and with any luck we will have a few more opportunities and another good story to tell when it has passed. Needless to say we will be here tomorrow and perhaps the following day as well.


Posted: 10:01:18

Off we go not feeling very original in our thinking as one of a procession of boats heading for the promised land of Guadalupe that has obviously proven an enticing destination for those of us hoping to catch yellowfin tuna. Unfortunately the offshore albacore took a serious nose dive narrowing down our list of options and stacking up the fleet in the destination showing the most potential. We have a few tricks up our sleeve otherwise but as a starting point, the big island on the outside is by far our best move regardless of the traffic. As such we are heading into the thick of it swinging hoping to wrest out a respectable catch before considering other options. Needless to say we are all hoping for a change in the offshore scene as none of us in long range fishing cherish the thought of staring at each other throughout our trips. Honestly most of us are independent in nature and would much rather fish alone than in a group. Beautiful, grease calm weather graces our ride south and as reported more of the same is in the forecast. We are breaking out the sunscreen while preparing our tackle for what we hope are good days to come.


Posted: 22:20:10


Posted: 23:16:08

No big bluefin bonus for the offshore effort but we were long in good fortune witnessing one of the ocean's great phenomena's while prospecting for the wary beasts. Beginning our day in fifteen knots of breeze with a substantial mixed swell, conditions appeared ominous to some with dark clouds and misty skies casting a strange feel to the morning. Typical of conditions following a tropical low pressure system the signs changed rapidly as the wind shifted directions dropped in velocity and ultimately abated to nothing as the afternoon progressed into evening. What an incredible day to work offshore as the evening glass off, crisp atmosphere, and razor sharp images combined in a collage of breathtaking beauty. I hesitate to get too flowery but it really was a spectacular image. As far as the fishing was concerned things were looking rather grim at first with a long morning that produced virtually nothing leading into a long afternoon that was beginning to appear just as bleak. Low and behold however just when one thinks it is over something seems to pop up and it did this time in the form of a beautiful kelp holding a voracious school of good sized dorado. Overall it was just what we needed as we have had our fill of tuna and other than trophy class fish we were hoping for alternative species. It was short but sweet and when it was over we had a nice shot of 12 - 25# class dorado for the effort. A fine note to end the trip on and we did just that preparing to head out again tomorrow on our annual Mike Ross "Sternhog" adventure. Grease calm weather is in the forecast so let's hope we can put it good use doing some finding and catching.


Posted: 12:10:00

What a remarkable contrast in weather between yesterday and today with the remnants of Hurricane Howard transforming our usual flat calm Guadalupe paradise into a breezy confused mess featuring a hearty south swell and short mixed seas. There was even a little morning rain to round out the picture and send our saturated kites cartwheeling into the drink. The good news: the fish hardly skipped a beat beginning to bite just after daylight and other than a brief mid day lull remaining steady all the way through dark. Suffice to say that following today's success we are more than satisfied with our luck at the island and are in the coveted position again to take the long shot and prospect for glory offshore. What would really propel this already fantastic trip into the ultimate category is a shot at trophy bluefin or perhaps even a few bigeye. With money in the bank in the form of a huge load of fish, we are once again taking the long shot tomorrow hoping for a crack at a few trophies as well as lay some groundwork for our upcoming trips.


Posted: 08:50:00

The action we were hoping for not only met but exceeded our expectations at Guadalupe today with non stop fishing in one form or another beginning about one hour after our daylight arrival and lasting through the first dinner call at dark. The pace was perfect for this type of fishing with one to four fish hooked at any given time while the great equalizer made up for any angling deficiencies distributing the catch among every angler on board. Of course when I mention the great equalizer I am referring to the kite that was in perfect form today kicking out a full rotation and then some. It was a welcome fact also as the conditions were brutal for sardine fishing the majority of the day with steady breeze, a healthy lump from hurricane Howard, and varying current direction and velocity all combining to swing the boat erratically sometimes as much as fifty or sixty degrees. As reported the kite in this case was ideal presenting the bait in the perfect zone while overcoming the challenging conditions. In addition, the kite bites were spectacular providing hearty entertainment as well as fishing fun for everyone today. Naturally our game plan in to remain at the island for at least one more day and tomorrow Captain Toussaint is back in the drivers seat so we will see what tricks the master has up his sleeve.


Posted: 20:39:41

We were thoroughly satisfied in the albacore grounds today but the action was far from the gluttonous "wood" style fishing we have enjoyed the past several trips. Of course in most cases, although the aquarium style, no skill required pace is memorable and fun, the several steady morning stops today where the action was very good but manageable produces the same results in the hatch and a much less anxiety on deck. All in all we had a great day of albacore fishing that was once again highlighted by the tremendous thirty five to forty five pound grade of fish that has graced our fleet the entire season. With good fortune continuing to follow us, we are on course to the outside island hoping for favorable conditions and luck on the beautiful quality yellowfin tuna and yellowtail that have made such a fantastic showing over the past month. As Captain Toussaint and I are sharing the helm duties this voyage tomorrow is my day to answer today's standard so the pressure is on to produce.


Posted: 13:38:00

Royal Star Photos for Mitch Otera five day

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Posted: 13:58:08

A fun bite on the big yellows using whole jumbo squid made for a great ending to the trip this morning. We boated 35 of the brutes with at least twice that many taking advantage of the prolific bottom structure and earning their freedom. We are presently traveling up in nice weather and will be back out again tomorrow on our annual Labor Day 5-day.

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