Posted: 23:09:46

Once again we got hammered in the morning but the afternoon offered a reprieve and we were thankful for it. Our original plan was altered by the weather but despite difficult working conditions, we managed to scratch together another day on the wahoo as well as a couple of other ridge favorites. It appears that the weather man is presently on the mark and the time has come to take advantage of the opportunity. Now the search begins and we hope for some good luck in the trophy yellowfin department tomorrow and beyond.


Posted: 17:30:26

We got a slight reprieve from the weather yesterday at just the right time and thankfully we were able to take advantage of it. Unbelievably enough, we put together a very nice day on the wahoo giving everyone a fantastic shot at the wily speedsters. One stop in particular boasted vintage wahoo action where just about everyone had a fish on at the same time, lines were slicing through the water all around the boat, and wahoo were zipping through the chumline two, three, and four at a time. Numerous anglers felt the unmatched excitement of watching a wahoo grab their jig or bomb within feet of the boat then tear off for the depths with their angler in tow. As usual, when the action on wahoo reaches this level we typically exceed the point of diminishing return and the numbers rarely relate the true story. Such is the thrill of wahoo fishing and we can honestly say following our best stop yesterday that we all saw it at its finest. As reported earlier it was fortunate that we had the opportunity at the skinnies when we did because the difficult weather was not through with us and at present is again hampering the effort. We are looking at a favorable forecast for the next few days and we are all hoping the weather man is on the mark. In the meantime the search goes on and big tuna are at the top of the order today.


Posted: 11:56:32

Nothing doing so far with plenty of ground covered and plenty of fish seen; none of which were the right size to tickle our fancy. We did wind up the day with a couple of nice grouper and a fat skinny but otherwise it was slim picking's. We are presently doing battle with the weather that as you may know is the key component to success in the offshore pursuit of gamefish. As such we are pinned down but the forecast is in our favor so we have high hopes for the near future. Other than the weather conditions appear fine and all of us out here are collectively hoping that the big fish move back into the shallows following the full moon.


Posted: 19:12:00

We are off and running to the south with a beautiful load of bait and fine group of anglers who are eager to taste some of the big fish action that went down last trip. It looks like we may have our work cut out for us however as present reports are somewhat dubious in the latest productive areas. We find some solace in the fact that there are several of us heading down and that our collective efforts will be covering a worthy section of water. This is not to say that we can usurp the luck factor however and that, more than anything, is what we are hoping for. Good luck, good weather, and good fishing. Stay tuned for reports as the action develops.


Posted: 19:50:00


Posted: 18:49:37

O.K. everyone,

I finally mastered the photo end this time and believe these shots accurately relate the tale of Randy?s last trip. Incredible is how I would describe the aftermath that resembled a fantastic Revilla Gigedo or Clipperton voyage rather than a fall ten day. Or does it? I don?t know if all of you have recognized the pattern yet; if not I will tell you again. The later fall ten and longer day trips have been producing noteworthy catches of giant yellowfin for many years now. I recall several trips six or seven years back that produced catches of ten yellowfin over two hundred and even much better. This fact was always obscured by the robust yellowfin fishery for giants in the Revilla Gigedo chain. Now that we are faced with the unfortunate Revilla closure, these fall catches have entered the limelight. Thank goodness that the fish gods have been kind to us at this juncture. The bottom line is this, if you want a shot at trophy yellowfin, a fall ten day voyage, especially a later voyage in October, November, or December, is a very good bet.

To demonstrate this point I am including a list of weights from this last trip. These fish were all yellowfin and comprise about fifty percent of the total trophy yellowfin catch.

#23 -154.8
#8 ? 162.6
#6 ? 177.4
#21 ? 124
#8 ? 173.4
#4 ? 141.4
#16 ? 149.2
#5 138.4
#9 ? 125.6
#7 ? 171.6
#3 ? 134.4
#18 ? 165.8
#2 ? 150.2
#11 ? 148
#18 ? 126
#13 ? 164.4
#11 ? 146
#13 ? 163
#5 ? 174
#4 ? 167
#19 ? 175
#21- 155
#23 ? 182.8
#2 ? 164.4
#5- 183.6
#7- 165
#2 ? 162
#1 ? 165
#2 ? 165.2
#22 ? 229.2
#12 ? 165.8
#3 ? 162.2
#6 ? 169.6
#13 ? 208
#15 ? 187
#18 ? 245.4
#9 ? 203
#23 ? 213
#20 ? 204
#11 ? 161

What an incredible four days of fishing! Congratulations to everyone and most importantly, thank you! Happy Thanksgiving to all and we will continue the reports beginning Friday, November 26th.


Posted: 12:00:49

We finished up the trip on the Ridge today with several small tuna, all of which were released, and 7 wahoo. The conditions are still good so I wouldn't be surprised if we see some more good wahoo fishing here on the upcoming trips.

We are presently traveling up in nice weather and plan on an eta of 0900 Tuesday morning. Tim will be departing again Friday on our annual Let's Talk Hookup 10-day so look for a more eloquent daily report to resume on the 27th. Happy Thanksgiving to all from the Royal Star.


Posted: 17:58:48

We scratched together another nice day on quality tuna while enjoying beautiful flat calm weather. We ended up the day with 4 from 150-180, 14 from 70-120, and 20 school fish. We are traveling up to the ridge tonight where we'll finish up the trip trying for wahoo.


Posted: 19:00:04

Absolutely incredible fishing on this big yellowfin with nice steady action throughout the day. We ended up with 25, nineteen of which were 140-190lbs with six from 205-245lbs. Fall 10-day fishing just doesn't get any better.

Mackerel and sardines are producing equally on 80 and 100lb gear. These are very tough fish so thankfully we haven't had to drop down to the 60lb which would definitely cut into our landing average. We are going to tank up on bait again tonight and hope for another big day tomorrow.


Posted: 18:47:42

We finally got a little justice on this big tuna today boating 24 from 110-175lbs and 7 smaller ones. This fish was in the right mode and put on an incredible show as we slid into each spot. I will never tire of watching this grade fish clear the water as they are blowing out up the chumline. Everyone onboard got to enjoy this experience at least six times today. Needless to say we are going to spend the night and give this at least one more day.

As we said in earlier reports, this is shaping up to be a repeat of last year so make sure you're geared up if you are on an upcoming 10-day.


Posted: 19:35:58

Once again an impressive show of big fish that responded a little better to our offerings today. We ended up with 12 from 90-140 with one at 173. We are going to load up on big bait tonight and try our hand at these trophies again tomorrow. Our beautiful weather continues.


Posted: 20:04:15

We looked at plenty of tuna from 80-200lbs today but unfortunately they were reluctant to bite. We did have one stop where we hooked seven but only landed three, 95,135, and 165. We are going to spend the night and hope this fish gets in the right mood tomorrow.


Posted: 05:03:00

We spent the day looking offshore as we worked down the line for 20 dorado, 2 wahoo, and a handful of 20-40lb tuna. Highlight of the day was a 200lb blue marlin caught and released by world renowned big game angler, Gary Sato. We are continuing down the line tonight and hope to be in a big tuna zone tomorrow. Our weather is beautiful


Posted: 11:27:47

Okay guys we are now back on line for the third time in so many weeks following another struggle with our onboard electronics. Speaking of struggles, I sure am glad that I left some wiggle room when touting our new ?state of the art? propellers because the results from the first attempt were far below our expectations. Like I said ?it is not an exact science? and as such it may take a couple of adjustments before we best our present performance. For those of you on upcoming trips let not your heart be troubled as we spent a couple of ?extry? hours yesterday swapping out our props again for our old trusty pair.

Enough of the technical babble and on to the fishing as we have plenty to report as all of you probably know by now. Overall the picture down below favors a strong finish to the fall season with signals of trophy yellowfin beginning to develop in a number of areas much the same as last year. The late season fall voyages have long been identified with trophy yellowfin and now with our fleet working so close together we possess a huge advantage by covering such a vast area. This is exactly what occurred last week and we have our valued ?code boat? the American Angler to thank as they were the ones to locate the area of big fish that several of us exploited for two hundred pound class yellowfin. Thankfully we had enough time to make the zone as we spent a great deal of time in search mode ourselves coming up with very little for our effort. At present the big picture is a little tough with many areas holding minimal quantities of fish and mixed conditions. As a result, we were mighty thankful for our one big day that ultimately made our trip. This is not to say that fishing won?t improve however as there is plenty of time remaining and a long way to go before we call it a season.

On another note you all see that I included several photos of Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission scientists hard at work tagging yellowfin tuna on Royal Star with electronic ?archival? tags. This is the third year we have been chosen to participate in this invaluable program and it has been a huge honor to contribute our efforts towards its success. I want to sincerely thank Senior Scientist Kurt Schaffer and Dan Fuller from the IATTC for their work in this field as well as Todd Lindstrom from Lo Tech who traveled all the way from Newfoundland to see the electronic tags he designs put to work. Kurt and Danny have now joined us for several years and although very serious about their work, are quite a colorful addition to the on board atmosphere. The biggest thanks, of course, must go to all Royal Star anglers who were thrilled to participate in this program graciously offering tuna after tuna to Kurt and Danny who were thoroughly consumed in electronic tag surgeries. A total of eighty one electronic tags were deployed in volunteered yellowfin from a wide variety of locations ranging from Alijos Rocks to offshore along the southern Baja coast. Sizes of yellowfin released by Royal Star anglers ranged from eight to ten pound fish all the way up to ninety pound models. As many of you know, the return of these archival tags carries a five hundred dollar reward so those of you fishing in these areas on upcoming trips may find yourselves five hundred dollars richer if you are lucky enough to catch one of these bonus models. More importantly however is the data received from these amazing computer devices that have provided the world community with amazing and invaluable insight into the behavior and patterns of yellowfin tuna. Once again our most gracious thanks to the Tuna Commission and Royal Star anglers who have proven that long range sport fishermen are more than willing to do their part in the interest of science.

Now Captain Toussaint takes the helm after a productive three weeks of lobster fishing ready to get back on the grounds in the quest for more trophy yellowfin. Our third attempt at establishing regular communications in three weeks seems to be functioning so let us hope that good repots are soon coming.


Posted: 22:47:47


Posted: 13:39:27

We have some Openings. Schedule yours while they last!

11/26 - 12/06/04 10 days $2350.00
12/08 - 12/18/04 10 days $2125.00


Posted: 15:11:00

Once again we have had communication problems, making it difficult for Tim to get his daily reports in, hopefully we will have these remedied by our next voyage.

As you can tell, the trip started out a bit slow, but they finished up with two days of great offshore tuna fishing, most of which were in the 18 - 40 lb class with an occasional school of 100 - 250 lbers. Tim said they hit one school yesterday that was straight 175 lb plus fish that they managed to boat two out of, both were over 200. Needless to say, this is a very exciting development and it sounds like we might have a repeat performance of last year.

The boat is now traveling up the line in nice weather and will arrive early Saturday morning.


Posted: 10:20:00

After a strong morning effort for nothing I decided enough was enough and we are heading inside looking for kelps or anything else holding fish that want to bite but just continued to get thumped by mother nature with 15-20 knot winds and 5-6ft seas. With 3 full days left to fish we are going to give it a valiant effort and hopes of finding the right school remain high.


Posted: 10:19:00

Much of the same at with tough conditions and very little to show for our efforts. Reports of scattered fish by the fleet continue and we?re anxious to get our shot. We will probably move inside if we don?t get a morning bite tomorrow.


Posted: 10:19:00

We started fishing at Alijos in rugged weather for a handful of tuna seeing scattered fish that just wouldn?t get it together. We are going to spend the night in hopes that conditions will change in our favor.


Posted: 13:43:00

We departed Sand Diego with a beautiful load of bait on Wednesday afternoon and are heading to points south in fair weather. We have reports of sporadic fishing down south and should begin our fishing efforts on Friday afternoon and will update you then.


Posted: 02:04:00


Posted: 18:18:27

Captain Medak reports a strong finish with a fine day of beach yellowtail action complimenting a nice trip. Royal Star is now heading up the line in beautiful weather with plans for a 0700 hrs. arrival at Fisherman?s Landing Tuesday. We will be tying up the boat for one evening allotting time for a long awaited project that promises to vastly improve not only our fuel economy but most importantly our speed. That is correct; providing all goes as planned tomorrow we will be installing a brand new, state of the art set of propellers that promise to improve Royal Star?s performance significantly. Time will tell however as the many variables in marine dynamics have surprised even the best engineers in the past. We will keep everyone posted of course and will again commence reporting on Wednesday the 3rd.

On a final note: help our country and be certain to vote tomorrow. Let?s get the job done!


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