Posted: 23:09:46

Once again we got hammered in the morning but the afternoon offered a reprieve and we were thankful for it. Our original plan was altered by the weather but despite difficult working conditions, we managed to scratch together another day on the wahoo as well as a couple of other ridge favorites. It appears that the weather man is presently on the mark and the time has come to take advantage of the opportunity. Now the search begins and we hope for some good luck in the trophy yellowfin department tomorrow and beyond.


Posted: 17:30:26

We got a slight reprieve from the weather yesterday at just the right time and thankfully we were able to take advantage of it. Unbelievably enough, we put together a very nice day on the wahoo giving everyone a fantastic shot at the wily speedsters. One stop in particular boasted vintage wahoo action where just about everyone had a fish on at the same time, lines were slicing through the water all around the boat, and wahoo were zipping through the chumline two, three, and four at a time. Numerous anglers felt the unmatched excitement of watching a wahoo grab their jig or bomb within feet of the boat then tear off for the depths with their angler in tow. As usual, when the action on wahoo reaches this level we typically exceed the point of diminishing return and the numbers rarely relate the true story. Such is the thrill of wahoo fishing and we can honestly say following our best stop yesterday that we all saw it at its finest. As reported earlier it was fortunate that we had the opportunity at the skinnies when we did because the difficult weather was not through with us and at present is again hampering the effort. We are looking at a favorable forecast for the next few days and we are all hoping the weather man is on the mark. In the meantime the search goes on and big tuna are at the top of the order today.

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