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Finally we have something other than good weather to report; this time the fishing we experienced being the highlight. There is no doubt that the yellowtail action we enjoyed yesterday easily rivaled any of the best bites in my memory. Twenty five pounds was the average and full speed was the pace during a three hour drift that easily fulfilled all of our yellowtail desires. This bite was best characterized by the unbelievable surface show where schools of voracious yellows were tearing up balls of sardines that we were pouring over the side. The surface action was insane with every well placed surface cast yielding a epic top water display of a big yellowtail hammering the jigs or poppers. Naturally with this type of action on the surface iron, every form of bait fishing from dropper loops to fly lining was absolutely guaranteed to get bit. Needless to say the therapeutic effect of this trip ending ripper was sensational and combined with relief was a sense of pure elation.

I shouldn't be amazed because this has become my trademark, but honestly I would just as soon catch a few earlier in the trip to relieve a little pressure. Better late than never as the saying goes however and no matter how or when it comes, we are always thankful. Ultimately it proves once again that our old motto rarely lets us down. "When the going gets tough, the tough double down". With a little time to spare at days end, we took advantage of the opportunity to fish the kelp line for a few nice bass before heading north. Tomorrow we plan to do a little "fun fishing" for a couple of hours before calling it a trip and heading in.

Captain "lucky" Toussaint will be departing Wednesday and I can just short of guarantee that the tuna fishing down below will be very different than what we experienced. The latest reports indicate that a significant change has already occurred in the lower zone with much more fish moving in and water conditions improving. So the stage is set and we are ready looking forward to the next trip and what it will bring. Look for Captain Toussaint's reports to commence on Thursday or Friday next week.

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