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This really was what one could consider paradise this morning with epic fishing for quality yellows and tuna while flat calm weather and amazing scenery (above and below the surface) topped off the setting. When I mention the below the surface aspect of the setting, I refer to the now ever present Great White Shark population that appears to enjoy our company even when they are not wreaking havoc on our fishing. No matter how many times we see the awesome behemoths their magnificence is never lost or fails to invoke appreciation. Not that we appreciate when they eat our hard earned catch; we don't, but they have become somewhat like that friend we have all had that possesses a wealth of offensive habits but we just can't shake our affection for.

To top off our already fantastic day, I finally relented to the pressure of west coasts finest, Captain Mark Wisch, and introduced our anglers to the spectacle of Calico Bass fishing Guadalupe style. I think Captain Wisch was beginning to believe that I really didn't know how to fish for bass but after today I believe I may have moved one notch higher on the list. All kidding aside we had a fantastic time catching big bull bass on everything from the Newport two bait special to the twenty five year old decrepit scampi dug from the rusty depths of veteran Royal Star angler Jack Friedenthal's tackle box.There's nothing quite like a good day of fishing and gorgeous weather to buoy spirits and in these categories August 11th, 2004 was flawless for all of us on Royal Star.


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Of all the beautiful places we fish this island stands alone with it's sharp relief's, spectacular contrast, and towering, cathedral bluffs. Combine this breathtaking, raw beauty with world class gamefish angling and no better destination for our pursuits can be found. The predominant grease calm conditions provided by this giant obstacle put the finishing touch on the list of perfect features Isla Guadalupe offers. That said we reveled in everything there is to enjoy here yesterday putting together a very nice day on the tuna and yellowtail in classic Guadalupe fashion. All's well and providing conditions remain favorable our plans are set for the next couple of day's.

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