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I made the analogy a few days back about the Great White Sharks at Guadalupe being like an old friend we all have that boasts a variety of offensive qualities. If that is the case then yesterday was like the day that old friend makes a huge embarrassing scene at a social function and you contemplate never speaking to them again.

We had a good day of action both on quality and variety but the sharks really taxed us hard focusing solely on the bigger fish crushing hopes and dampening spirits. Landing a thirty or thirty five pounder was no problem but any of the fifty pound and up grade was hopeless after a short while in the morning. Needless to say we are over it and would just as soon see these beautiful, offensive beasts take leave and go bother someone else. Aside from the rude behavior of the sharks we had a very nice day scratching a few nice yellowtail and mixing in fair tuna action throughout. Conditions are fine and the set up is good and with that in mind we figure we might as well give it another go before considering other options.

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