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O.K. We have determined that Captain Rouintree is as capable as we hoped in the fishing department as well as handling the challenges of manning the crew and vessel. We have also discovered that he is Captain Toussaint's obvious protégé in that no reports were posted on his maiden voyage. In this case we will cut him some slack but all of you can rest assured that Brett's computer skills will be much improved by the time his next voyage as Captain comes around. That said, Brett did a fantastic job putting together a flawless game plan and fabulous trip loading up on jumbo albacore and targeting quality and variety at the big island in between. Yellowfin, yellowtail, and a few miscellaneous put the finishing touch on a epic maiden trip and as such Royal Star anglers can look forward to Captain Rouintree on select future Royal Star voyages. Randy and I will continue to handle the brunt of the load however and we depart today on our annual Nakamura six day voyage with a wonderful group of anglers, perfect load of bait, epic weather, and very promising reports on our bow. Look forward to our reports this week and enjoy the fantastic photos from Captain Rouintree's debut voyage.


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