Posted: 21:26:23

Just what the doctor ordered today restoring confidence in all those who were challenged by conditions at Guadalupe while targeting yellowfin tuna. This day can only be described as incredible; vintage long range action right out of the movies with full speed yellowtail fishing on nice quality fish in the most gorgeous weather one could hope for. Fishing bare backed in the balmy weather and blazing sun, all anglers were thrilled by outrageous surface action with groups of voracious yellowtail hammering sardines in every direction and biting just about any variety of surface or yo yo jig or bait thrown. So good was the action in fact that on three separate occasions we had to stop fishing to get the deck organized and fish stored properly to protect the delicate product from the overhead sun. These are the occasions we live for and I have to say as a side note that with the tremendous effort we exert towards producing a premium quality product, the crew we have on Royal Star is the finest group of capable professionals I have ever worked with. It is a beautiful sight to see such an incredible effort handled with a style that appears now to be as natural as breathing to these exceptional young men. It is my genuine hope that all of you reading these reports have the chance, if you have not already, to make a voyage with us on Royal Star and experience the difference our team makes in the overall success of your adventure.

For our final day we are heading offshore again to do some prospecting clinging to the stubborn belief that if we continue to put forth the effort we will eventually be rewarded for our perseverance. Of course I am referring to trophy bluefin or perhaps now bigeye that would put the icing on the cake in the case of this voyage that is already hugely successful with the catch we have on board. We will spend our day looking tomorrow and with any luck will have good news to report the day following.


Posted: 09:42:39

We logged a nice day at the island with steady morning fishing for 30 - 60# yellowfin that led into the early afternoon. The pattern appeared similar to yesterday when the early afternoon lull arrived and we planned to take advantage of the evening hit much as we did yesterday when the fish moved back in. As occurs so many times in fishing however the tuna had different motivations and never did make the evening showing leaving us holding the bag so to speak all dressed up with no where to go. It was a significant disappointment but thankfully we made the most of our morning with a strong showing by the guys who had already put a respectable day's catch in the hatch. After much consternation, we bid the island farewell late treating our ecstatic group of fishermen to the memorable spectacle of sundown over Guadalupe with a glassy sea in the foreground. Heavenly is the only description worthy of the traveling conditions we encountered away from the island. No swell, no wind, no seas, sunny and warm. How could it possibly be better?

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