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With a beautiful catch of quality albacore in the hatch, one final day, and plenty of bait to make it happen, the stage was set for us to head for trophy bluefin to try our hand at the wary, reluctant to bite gamesters. Before I report further I want to remind everyone of the Ekstrom trademark for pulling it out in the final hour that has proven true on so many occasions now that I can't begin to recall. Here was the set up yesterday. Our departure for home time was set at 7:00 p.m. as we needed to travel home with sufficient time to make our scheduled morning arrival. We found the fish shortly after 10:00 a.m. and began hitting spots for zero success despite the fact that several demonstrated interest crashing around the boat leaving Volkswagen sized boils for us to marvel at. As the day wore on frustration was slightly offset by a couple of shots at 30 - 40# bluefin and 20 - 25# yellowfin but the big fish continued to ignore every offering; most times simply sounding before we had a chance to get bait in the water. Six p.m. rolled around then six thirty and we finally found another good area to work in at about seven p.m. Needless to say calling it a trip at that point was out of the question but as we arrived in the zone and hit the final school for the same depressing results - nothing, it was looking like this time we were going to have to give it up and wait for another day. Being hardheaded and persistent however, I could not give it up as the same school popped up again about a half mile away cruising along in plain view. Darkness was rapidly approaching and we figured what the hell, we'll give it one last try. We lined up on them, ran it, threw bait, and that was it, bluefin in the seventy five to one hundred fifty pound class erupted in every direction flying out of the water tearing the flat calm surface to shreds. One hookup! Two! Four! Five! And so it was that with twenty minutes to spare before dark we got our shot at trophy bluefin landing six from seventy five to one hundred twenty three pounds ending an already fantastic voyage on a incredible note that will remain fixed in these angler's memories for a lifetime.

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