Posted: 15:46:26

Nice show on the tuna here today but unfortunately they wanted no part of biting. The highlight of the morning was a white shark that breached right next to the boat, completely clearing the water. We are presently traveling up in good weather with an eta of 0930 tomorrow. We will depart on another 5-day tomorrow afternoon so look for reports to resume on the 2nd.


Posted: 01:40:00

Nice scratching on 40-70lb tuna and 25-45lb yellows in beautiful weather here at the lupe today. The sharks were a problem again and seemed to get most of the bigger fish we hooked. Our tally was 20 tuna and 25 yellows, not bad considering the shark factor. We are spending the night and will finish the trip here tomorrow.


Posted: 07:27:00

A great day of surface yellowtail fishing here at the islands today in beautiful weather, which was just what we needed after yesterday. We had all we wanted by early afternoon and are presently running out to Guadalupe where we hope to get a shot at some quality tuna tomorrow.


Posted: 22:39:26

We started the trip today prospecting offshore for a handful of dorado and 40 school tuna. Overall it was a brutal day for the entire fleet. We are presently heading for Cedros where we hope to get a nice shot at the yellows tomorrow.


Posted: 08:37:08


Posted: 23:31:08

I hate to say it but our final day was a struggle that turned into a long haul when our adventurous starting point wound up being about fifty five miles below the zone offering prime conditions. Of course it is always easy to second guess our moves after the fact, but had I planned differently, we just might have had a few more shots at yellowfin tuna before heading for the barn. Once again it is always easy to say after the fact. The good news is that we had epic, flat calm weather and did have a few shots at dorado that were the primary target species along with yellowfin tuna. Overall it was far from a bust; it just wasn?t the boomer end we were hoping for. In the end however we ended up with a very nice trip featuring sufficient quantity, beautiful. Guadalupe quality, and variety in both fish species and scenery that was second to none on a six day voyage. Now Captain Toussaint assumes solo command as I take the next couple of trips on the beach to enjoy a well deserved break. Look for Captain Randy?s reports to begin tomorrow.


Posted: 05:57:00

As predicted, the weather went flat calm with a grease slick sea surface, bright sunshine, and blazing hot, balmy mid afternoon conditions. This was one of those days when Royal Star anglers gratefully appreciated our deluxe galley A/C system that is designed to handle the tropical heat and humidity found in our winter and spring haunts such as Panama and Clipperton island. We don't typically tax the system too hard at this time of the year, but yesterday was definitely an exception as temperatures sweltered on the giant lee side of Guadalupe island. Following a hard fought battle with a yellowfin tuna or after a few hours in the baking sun at the rail, there is nothing quite like a break in the cool salon with some good conversation and an ice cold beverage.

Enough about that and on to the fishing. Yesterday appeared to be our day at Guadalupe as Captain Toussaint slid us into the "lucky" spot and the yellowfin and yellowtail got down to business and started biting. Our exceptional luck was made even better by the fact that the local thugs (Great White Sharks), for whatever reason, gave us a break cruising the perimeter picking off very few relative to the action we were enjoying. I can't say we racked up a huge tally or that the brass band will be waiting when we back in on Saturday, but relative to the predominate conditions, we are feeling quite triumphant about our day. With a few trophies in the bank and beautiful weather on the outside, we are taking an offshore track tomorrow looking for tuna and dorado before heading for home in preparation for our next five day adventure departing tomorrow.


Posted: 07:41:00

Let me preface this report with the assurance that Hurricane Hillary far to the south has had no adverse effect on our weather up here. It is a question that is frequently asked of us when the common Pacific storms begin their westerly marches at this time of the season. When the water temperatures are normal such as this year, it is a extremely rare occasion that we feel any negative effect on our weather from Pacific hurricanes. In fact, on most occasions when hurricanes are rolling west down below, our weather in the zone we typically fish is beautiful with balmy conditions and grease slick, flat calm seas. Of course we expect and regularly see a significant south swell but without any significant wind, such swells have no noticeable effect on our vessels or fishing capabilities. That said, the one island that is affected most significantly but southern hurricane swells is Guadalupe and that is exactly what we expected to, and did, find yesterday upon our arrival at the big island to the west. The question when heading out yesterday was, how bad was it going to be. I am pleased to report that although a large portion of the island was rendered un fishable by mixed up water and "green" conditions, there were still plenty of zones with clean water and a few fish.

Aside from having to look a little harder to find them, the story at Guadalupe remains the same with a scratch bite on yellowfin tuna and yellowtail benefiting the local Great White Shark population as much, perhaps more, than us. Regardless of the fat, aggressive, rude behemoths, we plan to give the island one more day as our goal is quality at this stage of our trip. Captain Toussaint is at the helm tomorrow so we will see what tricks he has up his sleeve.


Posted: 15:54:00

The sun was shining, the seas were calm, and the fish were biting upon our arrival keeping a nice steady a.m. pace that built into full speed action on 12 - 25# yellowtail by early afternoon. When the fish got on the many huge bait balls around us in the late afternoon the action and visuals could only be described as outrageous with the ravenous schools of yellows plowing through acres of bait churning the grease calm surface into a cauldron of boiling, aggressive game fish. Every bait, every jig, every everything anglers chose to use was a guaranteed bite as hordes of yellowtail swarmed around us; visible at almost all times both above and below the surface in the flat calm conditions and beautiful clear blue water. After a couple of hours of this type action, it became a novelty show as anglers were releasing ninety percent of their catch using single hook surface jigs, poppers, and anything else they could think of to improve the entertainment value of the surface strike. Following our epic day of long range yellowtail action, thankful for our good fortune in timing, we headed west with visions of trophy yellowfin tuna on our bow in gorgeous, flat calm conditions.


Posted: 08:15:00

We began our annual Mako Nakamura summer six day with a combination travel/fishing day working down the line while searching for offshore species in new areas. Although the weather was far from perfect for such a mission, we did manage to scrape up a couple of handfuls of yellowfin, yellowtail, and dorado but did not come across the mother lode in any form. We did however see fairly good indications of the fifteen to twenty pound class yellowfin early in the day, but what we did see was focused on tons of bait in the area and showed very little interest in our offerings. Perhaps the weather has them off the bite, or the moon needs to roll into the last quarter. Whatever the case, the one most encouraging fact is that the fish are definitely around; it's just a matter of when they are going to bite again. In the meantime we are on a southerly tack with plans to target coastal species tomorrow while the weather straightens out on the offshore grounds. With plenty of time for a couple of moves this trip, we hope to give the offshore zone another look in the final stages of our voyage late in the week.


Posted: 04:00:00

A fine ending to our annual Pfishcadora four day charter with fantastic action on 12 - 20# yellowfin tuna, yellowtail, and dorado. The weather did finally rear it's head up delivering a nautical afternoon complete with rockin, rollin, and the whole nine yards, but the inevitable (and well forecasted) change in conditions did little to dampen spirits as this wonderful group of seasoned veterans knows such weather occasionally comes with the territory. Ending the trip on a high note with a fantastic kelp paddy that produced epic action on the all the above listed species, we headed up the line in fine style preparing for departure again tomorrow on our annual Mako Nakamura six day adventure.


Posted: 18:29:00


Posted: 21:55:18

Well so much for the obvious plan as the majority of the signs we looked at yesterday vanished leaving a few small spots in their wake that had no intention of biting. After chasing up huge balls of bait in the area we were working, the tuna appeared to shift their focus and that was all she wrote for our attempts at catching. Of course this made for some exciting visual action but even that became tiring after hitting numerous spots that continued on their way ignoring our offerings. Fortunately the weather forecasters were correct and the incredibly gorgeous offshore weather continues, but following our long day and scant results, we will be searching elsewhere tomorrow.


Posted: 21:54:51

A fine beginning to our trip with good action on a beautiful grade of yellowfin tuna and a day of the most splendid weather one can imagine. Prospects beyond look good as all of us fishing in this zone today enjoyed success on 18 - 30# yellowfin tuna with a handful of bluefin tuna mixed in the action. With more epic weather in the forecast, plenty of time, and the indications of fish in this area, our obvious plan is to begin in this zone again tomorrow.


Posted: 22:51:00

We went back into catching mode today having good fun offshore targeting mixed yellowfin, yellowtail, and dorado on kelps in beautiful, flat calm weather. I want to say in closing that this group of anglers is a shining example of the changes we see in long range angling today voluntarily releasing smaller fish without prompting while maintaining a fantastic attitude in all conditions. This progressive approach is certainly not limited to this group of anglers, but these guys as a whole are way ahead of the times in their overall program. I sincerely thank and extend my highest commendation to all anglers on board the 2005 Michael Quezambra five day for their participation in this year's adventure.

We depart now on our annual Pfishcadora four day charter with a excellent load of bait on board and good fishing prospects on our bow. With the full moon coming we will see if the pattern holds through this cycle. Look for reports to continue tomorrow


Posted: 07:37:00


Posted: 07:24:34

Another fine day of Guadalupe angling that was far from a barn burner but got the job done. Overall I would describe our time at the big island as very typical with the anglers who dedicated the most time and effort at the rail reaping the rewards of a few quality yellowfin and yellowtail. Following our first day of full speed offshore action on school size yellowfin I mentioned to a couple of anglers that the catching portion of the trip was complete, now we were going fishing. As it turned out, not to anyone's surprise, this was exactly the case. Pleased with our catch on board and ready now for a little quicker pace, we are heading back to the offshore grounds in search of some biting fish to finish our trip with.


Posted: 00:16:00

We did our part today keeping the local white shark population fat and happy while catching a few 50 - 80# yellowfin tuna in the process. I must say that keeping a good sense of humor about these voracious beasts is becoming more and more difficult, but it is hard to have a bad time at this island when the weather is beautiful and conditions are perfect. The bottom line is that we have a good quantity of fish in the hatch, are getting a fair opportunity at catching the quality yellowfin we are after, and are in the company of good friends having fun. Yes there have been a few heartbreaks on big fish, but despite this fact it just wouldn't be right to complain. As quality is our goal we will be putting in at least one more day at the big island before considering other options.


Posted: 14:37:00

A nice start to our annual Michael Quezambra five day adventure getting the "sweat" off early with outrageous action on fifteen to twenty pound yellowfin tuna offshore. This was actually the first occasion this season that we departed from San Diego with very good fishing prospects, headed for the reported zone found by our valued working group of boats, and loaded up upon our arrival with relative ease. The perfect weather certainly played a significant role as the flat calm conditions enabled us to see effectively for many miles, but even without perfect conditions this area of fish would still produce good action. Following our afternoon of good fun we headed out to the big island now wholly intent upon trophy class fish for the remainder of this voyage.


Posted: 14:39:00


Posted: 23:05:55

Good sign of fish here this morning but a lack of current made them reluctant to bite. We managed to boat 17 nice yellows and one yft at 97lbs before we called it a trip at 1100. We are presently enjoying a beautiful ride up the line and will arrive to the dock 0830 tomorrow. Tim will depart on another 5-day tomorrow so look for his reports on the 13th.


Posted: 07:47:00

We had very good fishing on 60-110lb tuna today but unfortunately the white sharks were as ravenous as I've seen. They imposed an 80% tax with 16 landed out of at least 80 hookups. The overall sign of tuna and yellows has been impressive and I expect to see great fishing here through September. We are going to spend the night and finish the trip here tomorrow. Our weather is heavenly.


Posted: 04:56:00

One of those bites you have to go on a long range trip to experience, full speed surface action on 30-45lb yellows. Grease calm weather and the beautiful backdrop of Guadalupe Isl. just added to the enjoyment. After the dust settled we had 105 aboard and decided to run down the island where we hope to get a shot at the tuna in the morning.


Posted: 22:59:33

A slow morning for 17 small bft and a handful of albacore prompted a move to the South to put us in position for Guadalupe island tomorrow. Lady luck was on our side this afternoon as our slide down put us in the midst of an impressive area of yellowfin which produced 110 fish from 18-30lbs. A nice finish to what was looking like a tough day.

We are presently running down to Guadalupe in beautiful weather with a 0730 eta.


Posted: 11:03:00

There is plenty of fish around but most of it doesn't want to bite right now. We scratched together 50 mixed albacore, bft, yft, and yellows with 2 bonus bigeye thrown in. This offshore scene is far from over and I expect to see the counts rebound this week. We are traveling in tonight in nice weather and will depart again tomorrow on our annual Pacific Edge 5-day.


Posted: 11:40:00

Well we didn't put any aboard but we did enjoy an awesome show of 100-200lb bft this afternoon. We managed to get on two schools, one of which responded to the chum with fish blowing out and clearing the water within 100 feet of the boat. Incredibly we didn't hook any but a memorable experience nonetheless. We had one decent stop on 30-40lb albacore and 11 nice yellows for a bft consolation prize. We are presently moving back up the line in nice weather and hope to finish up the trip tomorrow on school bft and albacore.


Posted: 00:08:00

Very good fishing on 25-40lb albacore with a few school bluefin made for a great start to the trip today. We also have beautiful weather which added to the enjoyment. We are going to start on the albacore again tomorrow and plan on working down the line in the afternoon in hopes of finding the big bft.


Posted: 07:47:00


Posted: 08:41:00

As luck would have it we landed smack on top of the fish in the dark this morning and with the crack of dawn came steady action on albacore with a few bluefin mixed in. Once again it seems that good fortune simply waited until the final day to smile upon us as this was definitely one of those days where we could do nothing wrong. Following a mid day lull, we worked into a new zone that proved to be the exact location of the afternoon float and very good action on albacore. We finished up in the late afternoon and headed down to try our hand at a few bluefin and yellowfin before calling it a trip. This was the true test of our luck as none of the schools in this area have been willing to bite and it turned out that even on our best day we couldn't change their attitude either. Regardless, we had such a fantastic day of albacore fishing in weather conditions that turned to flat calm by mid morning that nothing could have a negative influence on our disposition. We cruised in easy at dark enjoying our final dinner in flat calm conditions with plans to return to the grounds the day after tomorrow with Captain Toussaint at the helm. Look for more good (but sparse) reports to follow as "Old Lucky" assumes command for the next two voyages.


Posted: 10:26:00

We headed south to long range country yesterday in search of the mother lode or, at the very least, somewhere we could fish without dodging traffic in every direction. In any case it was the right move to make as we really didn't see much fish around and what we did see did not want to cooperate. Unfortunately as right as the move was to make we didn't end up with much for our effort other than a handful of yellowfin tuna and a couple of yellowtail. Needless to say it was a looooooooong day that was not made any easier by bumpy weather. And so it is that once again we find ourselves in a familiar position; back against the wall with one day remaining to make or break the trip. One would think we would be used to it by now but it just isn't that way. Albacore are on the agenda tomorrow as we head north to test our luck again on the local grounds.

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