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Departing with a epic load of bait on our annual Larry Fancher 10 day voyage, we were greeted with fine weather and many encouraging reports on our bow a short two day's travel south. Especially intriguing are the reports of giant yellowfin down the line that already have our hearts pounding and hopes soaring in anticipation of what may be in store. In the big fish game weather is of critical importance, so first and foremost, we hope for favorable working conditions that allow a move into the prospective region. That move however is quite a ways off as we have a primary destination of wahoo and school size yellowfin country in mind.

On another note we are once again joined this voyage by the scientific team of Kurt Schaefer and Danny Fuller from the Inter - American Tropical Tuna Commission (IATTC) who will be placing electronic or "archival" tags in seventy five yellowfin tuna volunteered by anglers throughout the trip. Now in it's fourth year, this program has been hugely successful providing a wealth of information on yellowfin tuna movements and behavior in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. Return rates of tags deployed on Royal Star have been close to fifty percent identifying this tagging project as one of the most successful to date. We are very pleased to reports that anglers have embraced this program with enthusiasm gladly volunteering their tuna for tag and release. Of course we will keep everyone updated on the success of the tagging project as the cruise progresses.

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