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Just what the doctor ordered today as every angler on board enjoyed the opportunity to work up a good sweat pulling to their hearts content on beautiful, school size, 30 # class yellowfin tuna. In addition to the yellowfin we also enjoyed classic "ridge" action with a fair mix of variety in the fishing including a few handfuls of wahoo and yellowtail. On a special note, I have to commend this fantastic group of anglers who once again eagerly embraced the yellowfin tuna tagging project headed up by Kurt Schaefer from the IATTC. We are very pleased to report that between Alijos rocks and the ridge we successfully released seventy five prime grade yellowfin tuna carrying electronic "archival" type tags, meeting the goal for the trip. Every one of these tagged specimens were volunteered by individual anglers to whom we extend our gracious thanks. Special mention must be made of top anglers Len Cunningham and Pat Maloney who released an amazing twenty five tagged yellowfin between the two of them!

With a good day of action under our belts we finally reached the moment we have been setting up for. We will be dedicating what we hope will be at least two full days in the lower zone where we can only pray the fish gods are with us. We have the bait, time, weather, and group of anglers to get the job done so now it is simply up to fate whether the cows are there and willing to bite.

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