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What we found on our final day of fishing were remarkably good fishing conditions off the beaten track, but despite this fact very little went in the fish hold as what we found was small fish and plenty of them. Particularly interesting was the sign of twenty pound yellowfin in this zone but once again other than a few samples we did not produce any real results to crow about. So be it and regardless of the day's catching success we did have a good time fishing as well as enjoy the beautiful scenery of the rugged Baja coast up close and personal in warm, sunny, flat calm conditions. Flat calm that is until we headed for home at which time reality struck us in the face as we turned the corner heading into building wind and seas. It presently appears that the honeymoon is over as we earn the miles heading north towards home. Not that the ride is horrendous by any means, it is just typical of what to expect when traveling northwest in this part of the ocean. A little bump and a little roll along with a few hundred gallons of water coming over the top of the boat every once in a while. Fortunately we experienced the finest weather during the first and most important leg of the voyage; fishing time. We arrive in San Diego tomorrow and depart again on our annual Ventura County anglers ten day voyage with Captain "Big fish slayer" Toussaint, back from his annual lobster fishing hiatus, at the helm. For those of you departing tomorrow on Royal Star as well as those on upcoming voyages with our contemporaries, be certain to include you heavy arsenal as the trophy yellowfin zone continues to kick out incredible catches of big fish and indications promise more to come. Look for photos of our fine catch tomorrow and Captain Toussaint's reports to commence within a few days.


Posted: 08:53:00

Before turning over the helm to Captain Toussaint, I am compelled to comment on this current run of trophy yellowfin tuna that will very likely go down in history as the finest opportunity ever to catch a two hundred pound class yellowfin on a fall ten day long range voyage. Of course that is what we said the last time we saw incredible fall offshore fishing for giant yellowfin ( a mere three years prior), but this time the percentage of two hundred pound class fish in the area is significantly higher. The fishing we experienced last week that has continued for every vessel that has since visited that area is literally the material of fantasy - perfect, clean offshore fishing for straight trophy yellowfin; no junk fish, no sharks, no small fish. In short it is the most perfect sport fishing set up for trophy size yellowfin we could ever hope for; the kind of fishing we spend years on the ocean without seeing hoping and waiting for the day when we encounter this exact opportunity. It is that good right now. In fact it really does, and can not, get any better.

Again I have to urge all anglers on upcoming ten day voyages to prepare accordingly as what we see could certainly last a good while providing the weather and conditions treat us kindly. Bring your harnesses and big gear and if you don't have the equipment to fish for giant yellowfin make arrangements with the office to provide some. This present fishing is a genuine opportunity if a lifetime that we hope everyone on upcoming voyages can take advantage of.

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