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Another epic day of cow fishing in flat calm weather, what more could you ask for. Similar to yesterday in that one long drift produced 20 fish with 3 to 8 going at all times. The grade was once again incredible with 12 fish from 201-253 with the rest going 170-199. I can't stress enough the need for those of you scheduled on upcoming trips to gear up and be prepared as this cow fishing is as good as it gets. Heavy gear was the way to go, we used nothing less than 100lb and when they came through they bit everything. Don't go overboard on the short topshots, fluorocarbon, and all that other scratch fishing BS. The following is a list of RS anglers that boated 200lbers today:
Jim Barber 239
Phil Arnold 202
Duane Feisel 207
Jim Beard 231
Paul Zedonis 241, 221
Dave Hill 214
Mark Twedell 203
Richard Milanesa 236
Mike Green 215
Casey VanAlten 220
David Green 235

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