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Our final full day was spent in leisure along the beautiful rugged baja coast catching a few yellowtail and calico bass while enjoying yet another day of magnificent, flat calm weather. We actually saw a fair amount of yellowtail in the first zone we fished, but with the load of fish we are carrying, we kept only a few handfuls, released a few others, and continued on our way, satisfied to leave them alone for the next time or when we may really need them. Our group of anglers, still on cloud nine following the best day of fishing of their lives, have taken full advantage of the setting partaking in plenty of spirited hijinks fueled by the pervasive celebratory atmosphere, and certainly more than one cocktail. As reported earlier, the production phase of the voyage has long since passed and these anglers are content to have a good time, catch a few fish, and bask in the glory of what they have seen and accomplished. At day's end we headed up the line clearing the famed, yet dreaded, north end of Cedros island after traveling up the equally famous, coveted flat calm lee side of the island just after dark. I am pleased to report that last night there was no noticeable difference from the lee to the weather side and as such we will likely make on final stop tomorrow for a few lunch and/or steamer fish while heading for home.


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Now that all is said and done and we are heading up the line, I am naturally spending a great deal of time reflecting upon the yellowfin tuna fishing experiences of the past three weeks. With this in mind I am compelled to share a few of the more significant conclusions I have arrived at in addition to indulging in a little self promoting.

First of all, simply because this is what we do, I can not help but compare our fishery with other exotic destinations known for producing significant quantities of giant yellowfin tuna. These past few weeks have been the most incredible example one could imagine of the unique essence of long range fishing available no where else in the world. There are the displays of giant yellowfin crashing all around the boat when we stop, leaving heart stopping boils the size of whale footprints (in fact that is what we have now dubbed them) and clearing the water in amazing, acrobatic leaps. The surface bites some anglers received this trip where voracious burly and mean giant yellowfin, backs twenty inches across with big shoulders, pursue their desperate baits charging the boat; like one of today's biggest NFL linemen busting through the defensive line with blood in his eyes bound for the scrambling quarterback. The heart pumping experience of joining five, ten, even fifteen of your fellow anglers at the rail all tied into the biggest fish of their lives while the crew works genuine miracles dodging, weaving, and twisting to make order out of even the most potentially chaotic situations. And of course the afterglow, the satisfaction; unspeakably indescribable to one without perspective in this sport. For those without perspective it is only comparable to one thing - passion; the satisfaction one feels following the conquest of your ultimate dream.

Then the camaraderie; living the experience with your brothers; meaning like individuals who share your unique interest in this spectacular sport found nowhere else in the world. To describe the energy, the sense of accomplishment, the vibrant buzz among a group of twenty or thirty individuals following the best day of fishing in the history of this sport is only comparable, I believe, to perhaps a professional sports team following the greatest game of their lives.

One can not find anything or anywhere in the world of sport fishing to match the potential, what is available, to an angler venturing a long range voyage today. The rare combination of the richest, most productive stretch of ocean on earth, the finest vessels specially constructed to carry anglers to these areas of unmatched potential and make the most out of the opportunities they encounter, and the experience in this fishery we offer, tens of thousands of days of combined operator experience, all working together to find and remain on the best areas of fish. And lastly, the experience among the crewmen on these vessels, dedicated young men directly responsible for the tackle and technique improvements in this sport that have lead to the amazing catches of giant yellowfin we are witnessing today. Where is anything even remotely close to this combination available in this world today? Nowhere is the answer.

I have plenty more to say but will save some for tomorrow as I know most of you will stop reading if I continue on. A good day to all of you as we begin our day fishing on the beach in beautiful conditions.

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