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At days end we wrangled with a decision that on any normal year would be completely out of the question, even absurd. You see today we only had forty nine yellowfin tuna ranging from sixty to one hundred thirty pounds and a dozen wahoo. This was a very good day of fishing but this year's standards have been thrown out the window by the incredible giant yellowfin tuna action we have all enjoyed at Hurricane bank. Believe it or not we spent a long time considering whether to vacate Clipperton and spend another sixty hours traveling en route for Hurricane for a final day and a half of fishing. Such a plan is logistically crazy but that's how it is with big fish; for us it is an obsession. In the end common sense and perhaps even a little of that conservative thinking that comes with old age prevailed and the decision was made to remain at Clipperton and enjoy not only the excellent fishing action but the beauty of this magical place. Big fish have showed up overnight at this island so many times in the past that we have lost count and that is exactly what we are hoping will happen in the next three days. If you are a fan of Clipperton start pulling for the team because she has some big shoes to fill this season and time (like most memories) is running short.

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