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We ended on a good note with our final day beginning to show promise of trophy yellowfin moving in. This is so typical of Clipperton fishing that I am far from surprised and although we will never know, I would venture that the fishing at Clipperton heading into the full moon next week will be spectacular. I have commented many times in the past about the rapid transformations this island is famous for and yesterday is yet another example of why we covet the fishing this island has to offer. Two forty six was the big fish of the day yesterday along with half a dozen others in the 170 - 185# class. This was in addition to the numerous other 70 - 130# class fish that have provided us with so much action throughout the trip. Every day the sign of trophy yellowfin continued to develop and fortunately we had just enough time to squeak out one solid trophy before our time at the island was up. I have to admit that this was one of those occasions when the end of our fishing time came way too soon; what I would give to be fishing there today.

Truthfully, had we stayed another day the caliber of the action would have out paced our hold space in very short order. So now we head north with fond memories and what now what feels like only a taste of what the remarkable Clipperton island has to offer. It is amazing how this place will do that to the majority of anglers. Once they experience Clipperton and the unique style of fishing it has to offer, a contagious affection for the island compels them to return. You can probably tell by reading my sentiments that I have the bug and freely offer Clipperton as my favorite fishing destination. It is for this exact reason that while traveling towards home writing this report, I already can't wait for next week when we return for our final Clipperton voyage of 2005.

Now the long part of the journey begins however and fortunately we have fine traveling weather to relax in.

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