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So far so good with two glorious days of traveling weather behind us and one more to go. Typically the final day traveling up from Clipperton is characterized by bumpy conditions and cooler temperatures and at present it looks like today will be a stock run. We don't really have much else to report on as the boat is running well with a beautiful load of both frozen and fresh fish aboard from our final day at Clipperton, and we are taking it nice and easy heading up the line. Capt. Brett Rouintree will be taking the boat on the final leg up to San Diego while I catch the express to spend a couple of days at home with family. I will bring trip photos home tomorrow and post them by Friday. I am really looking forward to this round of photos as we have a new camera that takes phenomenal quality shots. Look for Capt. Rouintree's condition reports while traveling up the line.

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