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We are finally, finally back up and running following a extended maintenance period that provided plenty of time for many improvements to our beloved Royal Star. In addition to our usual attentions to the cosmetic details, this was a huge year for mechanical projects the most significant of which was the installation of two brand new John Deere 90kw generators. These new state of the art electronic engines will provide plenty of power for the foreseeable future and upgraded our equipment to twenty first century standards. In addition to the generators, we upgraded several other major mechanical systems to ward off potential shortfalls in the vessel's performance. Although our anglers will likely never see the work we accomplish in the mechanical maintenance of Royal Star, we all benefit hugely through dependable, efficient systems that allow us to succeed in the rugged environments we traverse.

What our angers will see this year is a complete overhaul of our staterooms including new wall and overhead coverings as well as carpeting and fixtures. New faucets for the vanities and the replacement of every latch, handle, and hinge we believe will restore our rooms to the standards our customers expect on Royal Star. To finish off the list, a new high definition wide screen monitor now graces the surround sound system for travel entertainment. Of course there are many other small details we attended to that are too numerous to list. The point of course is to let all of you know that we are committed to providing all of you with the finest experience possible when you join us for a long range adventure on Royal Star.

On the subject of fishing, we departed in the early a.m. today planning to work our way down the coast while heading for Puerto Vallarta. We will be fishing for various forms of bait in route and will keep you all posted our success as the voyage unfolds. As we have no scheduled down time until December, look for consistent reports from us commencing now.

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