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We continue the southerly trek in epic, flat calm weather that is ideal for cruising but promises to be a little warm when we stop the boat and begin fishing. Fortunately the A/C units are up to the task and if we had to choose between less wind and hot temperatures and more wind, choppy seas and slightly cooler temperatures we would take the calm weather seven days a week. Regardless of a few degrees one way or the other, at Clipperton we are just over six hundred miles north of the equator so warm, humid conditions are no surprise.

Making good speed while traveling down, we have tended to our tackle and covered all the bases in preparation for our noon arrival at the island. Now it is just a matter of waiting out the final few hours before the action begins. Although we have no idea of what we will encounter at the island there is one thing certain. The load of bait we are carrying is without a doubt the finest I have ever seen for fishing Clipperton island. With that in mind our hopes are high for good things to come.

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