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Suffice to say that following three days of fishing smack in the middle of the inter tropical convergence zone we are all thoroughly impressed with nature's spectacles and thoroughly saturated with precipitation. Indeed yesterday was another tough go with only the heartiest few catching a couple of handfuls of fish while the majority were content to wait for greener pastures during a few stops. Aside from a couple hours here and there, rain, wind, lightning, and thunder were the theme and when it rains down here it often invokes visions of God. A conservative guess at the amount of rain we have seen over the past three days is somewhere in the neighborhood of seven to ten inches.

Enough about the rain however and on to the fishing. Although we struggled mightily with conditions, we did see sign of tuna throughout the day but once again these fish are far from being in the biting spirit refusing most of our offerings. One bright note is the fact that we continue to hook at least a couple of trophies a day but I am disappointed to report that we are having a run of bad luck on our big fish averages with hook to land ratios well below fifty percent. I am certain that the choppy weather has played a role in some of the losses but we are definitely struggling with some misfortune in pulled hooks as well as rigging failures that occasionally stack up to haunt you. Big fish of the day yesterday went to long time Royal Star and southland angler Greg Phillips who missed the magic two hundred mark by only six pounds.

So now we head into our final day at Clipperton keeping an optimistic perspective on both the fishing and the weather. In fact as I write this report it is early in the a.m. on the eighth and we have dry conditions and much improved weather. If any place has the ability to transform overnight it is Clipperton island. Time will tell of course and I will report the final results tomorrow.

On another note I would like to wish every mother out there a very happy Mother's day and express my respect and appreciation for all you do. Enjoy your day as you certainly deserve it.

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