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Another nice day on albacore in the offshore grounds with steady morning and afternoon action on the fat longfin. Incredible, gorgeous, flat calm weather graced the effort and the fish, as well as us, appreciated the generous ocean. One note that I have to mention is the staggering quantity of albacore we observed yesterday with the thirty mile stretch of ocean we traveled holding signs of fish that were difficult to imagine. It is always remarkable to witness these events that we have deemed "float days" when just about every tuna and/or albacore comes to the surface revealing volumes about how many of them there really is. On many different occasions we have been amazed by areas that didn't appear to be holding large quantities of fish transforming into oceans full of life before our very eyes. Yesterday was such an occasion and at the very least indicated that albacore fishing in the local grounds stands to be good for some time to come. As this is only the first full day of our voyage, we have plenty of time to make "hay" as the saying goes. There have been some very exciting developments down the line so don't be surprised if this incredible offshore fishing continues to develop.

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