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We headed south to long range country yesterday in search of the mother lode or, at the very least, somewhere we could fish without dodging traffic in every direction. In any case it was the right move to make as we really didn't see much fish around and what we did see did not want to cooperate. Unfortunately as right as the move was to make we didn't end up with much for our effort other than a handful of yellowfin tuna and a couple of yellowtail. Needless to say it was a looooooooong day that was not made any easier by bumpy weather. And so it is that once again we find ourselves in a familiar position; back against the wall with one day remaining to make or break the trip. One would think we would be used to it by now but it just isn't that way. Albacore are on the agenda tomorrow as we head north to test our luck again on the local grounds.

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