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As we departed on the afternoon of the sixth, it appeared that our list of options was shrinking with many reports of marginal fishing in many different locations. As happens so many times in the past however, things began to shape up when afternoon progressed into evening, and what was a tough decision to make because fishing was slow became a tough decision to make because fishing was good in several different zones. Such is the plight of a fisherman and we'll take the latter scenario every time given the choice. Our plan was made following plenty of thought and we headed down the line at full cruise with the wind and seas at our back the entire following day. As it turned out, our long day of looking while traveling produced zero results, but we more than made up for it with fantastic fishing on 15 - 22# yellowtail in the late afternoon/evening upon arrival at our destination. Surface iron, flylined baits, yo yo jigs, dropper loops, you name it; it was all effective as the yellowtail got with the program crashing on baits for hundreds of yards around the boat. As the evening slipped into nightfall, the voracious yellowtail threw in the towel and we headed around to the lee side of the island where we planned to try for white sea bass and yellowtail while enjoying a fine night on the anchor in flat calm, heavenly conditions.

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