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It was our day in the sunshine here at Guadalupe as the morning found us in perfect position following a treacherous ride out that had us more than ready to enjoy the calm lee side of an island. In this case the fishing was the bonus and our morning was divine as forty to eighty pound yellowfin began coming over the rail and continued to do so through the noon hour. With the afternoon came the dark side of our tale however as the local great whites appeared and our fantastic morning, unmolested by anything, spiraled down the throats of the unrelenting predators. Fortunately we were able to make our day before the voracious beasts arrived, and after feeding them close to a dozen beautiful, 60 - 110# yellowfin tuna, we threw in the towel to look elsewhere. Taking our morning action on beautiful yellowfin into account we elected to remain here at Guadalupe for our final morning hoping to get a final shot at quality before heading in tomorrow.

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