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Definitely what we had in mind today with an extended morning period of consistent action on 50 - 60# yellowfin tuna that gave all anglers the chance to stop, fish, and hone their skills while targeting a quality size tuna. Combined with beautiful scenery and perfect weather, the day was fine success that came through for every angler who put in the time and effort at the rail. In that regard Guadalupe is very consistent. The most valuable advice I can share with all anglers on voyages to the outside island is be prepared to work hard at fishing and the catching part will usually follow. Of course the island is a spectacular place and there is nothing wrong with taking in the sights, taking it easy, and even perhaps downing a few beers. Just don't set your expectations too high in the catching department if this is your preferred approach. I don't want any anglers to take this perspective the wrong way either. In today's day and age, with the beautiful fresh product that goes a long way when processed or filleted at home, one certainly does not need to rate the success of their long range voyage by how many tons of fish they returned with. But Guadalupe can be a very challenging place to make a catch, and even that one or two fish, that will very likely be the standout accomplishments of your voyage, can be hard to come by if an angler does not wish to earn them.

That said we are heading back offshore for our final day looking to end our voyage on a high note with plenty of action on whatever we may encounter in what we hope will be a new zone. With perfect weather in the forecast, we couldn't hope for better conditions to search in

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