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Well once again we were denied on our offshore prospecting mission but I can't say I am surprised with the prior three days reports indicating that the fish are down in the lower zones. Although this is not a welcome fact, it is the reality of offshore angling, and such challenging periods can only be met with fortitude but also, and just as important, a balanced perspective including a good sense of humor. That's right, a good sense of humor on those long offshore days goes a long way to minimize the disappointment and lighten the atmosphere. Of course it isn't likely that much humor will be found on the bridge during challenging fishing phases, but that doesn't mean that things can't be at least a little lighter on deck. It's a good piece of advice to keep in mind as slow days of fishing, and even an occasional slow trip, are an inevitable fact. The only thing to do in such cases is make a good time of the voyage otherwise having a good time and sharing a few laughs with good friends.

In the case of this group I can definitely say that they fall into the above mentioned category although in this case it was relatively easy to shrug off a slow day with a beautiful catch of fresh quality yellowtail and yellowfin tuna in the hatch. Captain Toussaint returns tomorrow assuming command on our next seven day John Kashiki voyage. With the present set up I wouldn't be surprised to see "Old Lucky" head back down below as a better prospect simply does not exist. We will see however as offshore fishing is always dynamic and full of surprises. With the full moon coming and good weather in the forecast, the ocean is prime for a change. Look for Randy's reports to begin in a couple of days.

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