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First and foremost I suspect that many anglers are eagerly anticipating a good report from the beach zone that has been so productive on big fish during the past month. The latest update as of yesterday is as follows: all signs of big fish are here with a broad zone holding scattered groups and at least a couple of good spots of straight cows. Our results yesterday were thankfully augmented near day's end by a school of one hundred to one hundred seventy pound fish from which we landed nine of about a dozen opportunities. Twice we encountered good groups of cows only to be shunned by the uninterested behemoths that didn't even expend the energy to rise and slurp a single bait. This scenario is far from unusual, especially when it comes to giant yellowfin. Experience has proven that the big fish, other than an occasional departure from the norm, possess a fickle nature and require much patience and effort if one expects an opportunity. So the present strategy is to stick with the program and hope we can put at least a little something in the hatch each day while waiting for the cycle to come around. The weather is a perfect as can be although we might get a few days with a slight bump if the forecast is accurate. The main point of focus is that the fish are definitely here. Water conditions are excellent, local bait is plentiful, and time is on our side. As long as the weather cooperates, and we can keep at least a few fish coming over the rail each day, we will be in the neighborhood biding our time while awaiting our opportunity.

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