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It came right down to the wire again with another day saver one hour before dark that produced eight yellowfin in the one hundred to one hundred forty pound class. The weather deteriorated significantly during the previous night, and showed signs of continuing it's tantrum for awhile, but remarkably the wind let up around mid day making for an agreeable time of it compared to what we dealt with in the morning. I must report that in all our searching today we saw very little indication of the trophy yellowfin around, but that fact is not yet alarming considering the weather change. Once again the water temperature and currents are consistent leading us to believe that this was simply a down day. In fact, as I write this report the weather is showing signs of continued improvement so, with a little luck, tomorrow will be a better day for looking. As I said a few day's back, "one day at a time", and that is exactly how we are proceeding.

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