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Well I hate to say it but this day was inevitable as no one can have the lion's share of good luck all the time. Yes, we took a bath in the fishing department today scouring the ocean from dawn till dusk for a big zero despite our best efforts. As for why the fish didn't show today we can only speculate, but we do know that this is not out of the ordinary in this area. It is very common for the big fish to move around and sometimes spend days, even weeks, in the deep water without any kind of surface showing. That very well could be the present situation as two days of sloppy weather typically has this kind of effect on the big tuna in this region; we certainly hope so. Taking today's results into account, as well as the need for a change of pace, we headed south at day's end planning to check out another offshore bank in the a.m. hours while spending a little time on the anchor with lines over the side. Sometimes it is therapeutic to simply stop the boat and fish, and that is exactly what we plan to do tomorrow morning before heading back out towards the big tuna grounds for the late afternoon. Captain Toussaint is back at the helm tomorrow so we will see if he can dig us out of the hole with some of his magic.

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