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First off I need to post a small correction about Wednesday's fishing that featured action on ninety to one hundred seventy pound yellowfin as opposed to the ninety to one hundred pound class I incorrectly stated. Most of the fish were ninety to one twenty with five from one forty to one seventy. Moving on to Thursday, all I can report is another long day of fishing effort for scant results in the catching department. For whatever reason, the yellowfin around this bank are off the bite though they are more than eager to crash around the boat whetting our appetite for action. A couple of days back I commented that the entire ocean seemed to be in a funk with plenty of fish of various size and species around, but none of it showing any inclination towards biting. Today was simply another example of that observation.

Now, before I end today's report I want to remind everyone of the importance of keeping things in perspective when it comes to fishing out here; actually everywhere. One cannot expect the ocean to yield all of it's gifts three hundred sixty five days a year as conditions on the high seas are extremely dynamic. These constant changes can be viewed from a variety of perspectives with a positive or negative bent, but I urge any and all doomsdayers to hearken back to the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of occasions when we are faced with similar circumstances and somehow prevail. Not that we are under any illusions about our present situation, but it is a good occasion to remind everyone that the ocean changes constantly, and thankfully so. In fact the expected changes are, and should be, fuel for optimism rather than the opposite.

That said we are hoping things will change for the better tomorrow before our final day of fishing comes to an end. Just as today's action went cold, tomorrow's could go back on the bite so we are prone to stay put and finish out our voyage on the lower end as really no better option is available. With the wind and seas up again the offshore option is off the table and as such, the prospect of fishing on the anchor is the best choice on our small list. Time will tell.

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