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The final morning presented a new challenge as our angler's dedication to the pursuit of trophy yellowfin was practiced in twenty five knots of wind with driving rain. Fortunately the worst of it passed early, but there were plenty of sullen looks, by both crewmen and anglers alike, when viewing conditions at first light. Needless to say only the heartiest few charged it early on, but by six thirty or seven just about everyone was suited up for conditions and at the rail joining the effort. In that respect I have to again report a significant lack of excitement as the tuna continued their frolicking around the boat today while only a brave few ate baits carrying hooks. We did manage to land a mid day, two hundred thirty pounder, in addition to a couple in the one hundred fifty pound class, so the day was far from a bust, but overall the voyage ended on a slow fishing note despite our best efforts.

In reference to yesterday's comments about the tough fishing and remaining optimistic, I have to give credit to this group of anglers who are the best example of this philosophy I can think of. Knowing the stakes of big fish angling, these anglers made a good time of it regardless of the fact that fishing was not easy. Don't get me wrong either. This trip was far from a bust with eight yellowfin over two hundred in the hatch as well as more than a tank full of beautiful, trophy class yellowfin. But overall there was a lot of slow fishing that required patience and a good perspective to overcome.
So our most sincere thanks to Kevin Leong and his group of anglers who made this ten day, fly down/fly back voyage a good time with their passion for fishing and having a good time while doing it.

Now the final leg of the voyage begins with Captain Brett Rouintree taking the helm while the boat travels up the coast. Unless there is some significant development, look for our daily reports to continue upon the departure of our next eleven day on January twenty fourth with Captain Randy Toussaint at the helm. Otherwise look for voyage photos in our daily reports section in the next few days.

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