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It was a nice day of fishing here at Clarion that was much as any of the hundreds of other days I have spent here tageting wahoo and yellowfin tuna. The wahoo were definitely around and ready to bite a little, but nowhere near the quantities and caliber of action we experienced at Clarion last year. This is not a surprise though as we all know that pelagic fish move in and away from these places depending on a wide variety of factors.

The tuna fishing was fine as well, and the pace of action was actually relaxing compared to the previous four days of non stop catching. After we threw in the towel on the wahoo effort, we dropped the anchor just after noon and stayed put catching 80 - 140# yellowfin one and two at a time until about one hour before sundown. Like I said it was a pleasant afternoon that at any given time saw about two thirds of our anglers at the rail while the others enjoyed themselves on the top deck spectating or inside relaxing.

Overall the signs of tuna around the island are fantastic but I can not report any significant sign of jumbo size tuna from either what we landed or what we saw. We are going to give it at least one more day however as we still have a few stones to turn over in search of the big ones. In addition, the south side of Isla Clarion is presently a good place to be as the wind is up and blowing with grumpy weather on the outside. In the meantime we will certainly give the wahoo a few more chances to sport some new jewelry while the quest to tag and release jumbo yellowfin tuna continues.

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