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Our one and one half day adventures have come to an end and we now return to our regular schedule departing on the Eddie Marty five day voyage with a fine load of bait, and an even finer limited load of twenty four happy anglers who were the first this season to take advantage of our new "ALL INCLUSIVE" advertised pricing. That's right, our prices on the schedule are certainly higher than the rest, but when our anglers arrive and see Tracy on departure day there is NO FUEL SURCHARGE, and NO ADDITIONAL PERMIT FEES! We hope this change in our operating policy will be to your liking.

Overall the day and a halfer's served a fantastic purpose allowing many anglers who would not have otherwise ventured a long range voyage the opportunity to fish Royal Star. We wish to extend our sincerest gratitude to all those anglers who joined us during the past two weeks on our "mini" long rangers and at the same time invite, and encourage, all of you to join us on a longer voyage where we have much more time to build a successful fishing adventure. As for the 2008 Royal Star schedule, we will likely return to our regular routine of five to eight day spring long range voyages, but I wouldn't be surprised if we squeeze a day and a half trip or two in if space is available.

In the meantime, look for our reports to continue tomorrow as we head down the line in search of offshore glory with plans to visit the islands after for what we hope will be a few days of satisfying fishing fun.

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