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Well the confidence built by our previous two days of island success fizzled by day?s end as we logged another full day of looking for absolutely nothing other than perfect conditions, tons of bait, and zero fish. I have to admit that I am presently convinced that beyond sixty miles from San Diego, the prospects of finding the ?next wave? or mother lode of albacore are very, very slim. The good news is that the sign of albacore close to home remains good and one must simply find the resolve to battle it out to get their fair share. In the meantime the next piece of good news is that yellowfin are beginning to trickle in and I wouldn?t be surprised to see some good local and long range action offshore on school size yellowfin tuna in the upcoming months of August and September. Throw in a few Dorado and good size yellowtail on kelps and away we go.

Presently, Captain Toussaint has returned to take command for a few days so look for a marked upturn in the fishing and a trailing off in the daily reports. I am sure Randy will keep everyone sufficiently informed however and I will be certain to weigh in with any thoughts I conjure up. Good luck to all on the annual Kevin Leong/Blackwater five day voyage that has a fantastic group of anglers aboard ready for any and all fishing to come.

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