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Now, the word is out about the Guadalupe permits that came in yesterday afternoon. First and most important, we all should be grateful to the appropriate agencies in Mexico that were helpful in expediting the permits to fish Guadalupe. We all must remember that it is not our RIGHT to fish Guadalupe but a PRIVILEDGE and as such sincere thanks are in order. Second, we are equally thankful to our representatives who definitely earned their wages during this extended negotiation process. Beyond this point, let us hope that positive relationships between the SAC fleet and the maritime community of Mexico be nurtured as we progress into the future. With the vast evolution the San Diego sport fishing industry has exhibited during the past ten years, we can proudly say that we are a positive element with great respect for the fishery we are privileged to participate in. Let us hope that fact is promoted and recognized while we do our best to maintain our respect for the blessing to fish in foreign waters.

So, all the mushy diatribe aside, let?s go fishing. The guys presently on Royal Star don?t have the permits so they will have to suffer through more fantastic action on thirty pound class yellowtail and albacore offshore, but plenty of guys with permits to fish Guadalupe are presently or soon to be en route. Needless to say, we are all anxiously awaiting information from the outside that very well may set the tone for the upcoming months of long range fishing.

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