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So much for the flat calm ride as yesterday's sea state rapidly degenerated after 0800 into a rock and roll fest that was tolerable enough but an extreme, unwelcome change from the previous two days. As such we were set back about forty five minutes on our ETA in San Diego on Wednesday which is now around 1015 at Fisherman's Landing.
For the final at sea report I want to inform everyone that I will continue to post photos daily throughout the month of May as Royal Star will be down again through the 24th. Sadly, we had to drop our annual May 16 day voyage for the first time in twelve years from a lack of participation. The upside however is that the down time will be put to good use maintaining a few more mechanical systems and cosmetics in preparation for our full summer and fall schedule. On that note, we do have plenty of space remaining on many upcoming summer and fall voyages so if you are considering a trip, give us a call to check availability.

In closing today, I want to thank all the anglers on the latest tagging voyage for their participation that was rewarded with classic Revillagigedo island fishing for giant yellowfin tuna. Between the epic fishing using traditional big baits at Socorro, the incredible scenery, and the rewards from being a part of this visionary project, this was a long range fishing adventure that blew the doors off all of our expectations and goals. Thank you again to everyone involved in the project and special mention to Jack West, Tim Shields, Kurt Schaefer, and Dan Fuller for sharing many of their fantastic photos with us. Please take the time to review and enjoy them during the upcoming weeks as many are nothing short of phenomenal. Finally, if you are considering one of the Revillagigedo tagging voyages in 2009, please call now as extremely limited availability is closing the door on both the February and April 2009 voyages quickly.

Royal Star Revillagigedo Island tagging participants April 2008 as follows.

Bruce Posthumus
Warren Sakamoto
Len Cunningham
Ed Janowski
Tom Cahillane
Murray Darch
Dave Hall
Jack West
Andy Cooperman
Chris Yamada
Greg Koonce
Mike Noerenberg
Ron Jew
Tim Shields
Mike McHatton
Bill Grimsley

Thanks again to all of you from the Royal Star crew

Tim Ekstrom
Brian Sims
Steve Gregonis
Gregg Tanji
Blake Wasano
Drew Rivera
Jeffery Grant

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