Posted: 15:34:00

Decent sign of fish here at the island today but we only managed to scratch 38 fish by early afternoon which prompted us to make a move to Alijos. We will arrive early tomorrow and plan on giving it a couple days.


Posted: 07:28:00

We rolled into Cedros this evening to start the trip and didn't see much until right before dark when a nice spot of big yellows erupted right on the beach. We were able to get their attention and got the anchor down for a good sundowner that produced 16 fish from 30-52lbs. We are going to stay here tonight and hope for another shot at this quality yellowtail tomorrow.


Posted: 07:04:00

Slow on the offshore scene but there was a little sign of albacore over a large area which was encouraging for the upcoming season. We will be in tomorrow and depart on another eight day so look for reports to resume on the 29th.


Posted: 16:49:00

We saw a little sign of nice grade tuna here at Lupe this morning and landed one of two hooked. The conditions looked very good for this time of year and I suspect we'll be making catches in the months to come when this fish settles in. Nothing else to report aside from a few nice yellows and beautiful scenery. We are traveling up tonight and will finish the trip tomorrow prospecting offshore.


Posted: 15:33:00

Another fine day of angling on quality yellows with a few shots at school tuna. We did see a little sign of the bigger tuna again today but came away with the same results as yesterday. We are traveling up tonight in nice weather and will resume fishing early Thursday morning at Guadalupe where we hope to get a shot at bigger yellowfin.


Posted: 16:08:00

A great day of angling in beautiful weather here at Alijos which was highlighted by an awesome surface bite on 18-40lb yellows. We did see a little sign of 40-80lb tuna but unfortunately they didn't respond to our offerings. As a consolation we boated 37 school yellowfin in the 15-20lb range. We are going to give this another day and hope to get a shot at that nice grade tuna tomorrow.


Posted: 07:59:00

Good sign of yellows this morning but the seals made it unfishable. We spent the afternoon prospecting in the lower big bluefin zone from years past and found decent fishing on 12-18lb yellows and a few dorado on kelps but none of the target species. We will be fishing Alijos tomorrow.


Posted: 07:59:00

Very little to report today except for beautiful weather as we worked our way down the line looking offshore. We are continuing down tonight and plan on fishing yellows tomorrow.


Posted: 13:54:00

No doubt about it, the ocean made a complete transformation in a matter of two days with water temperatures rising two to three degrees and the greenish, off color water we encountered while traveling down replaced by pristine blue. What a difference a couple of days can make. Along with the change in conditions came the bluefin, yellowfin, and albacore that are not yet in a biting mood but were certainly ready to show themselves in the form of scattered spots of jumpers spread across sixty miles of ocean. We did manage to convince a few handfuls of each species to make the passage to San Diego with us but suffice to say that if even a miniscule portion of what we looked at and stopped on decided to bite, we would have been returning with pure glory. Perhaps the time is coming soon as conditions promise to improve and the fish move up the line. On that note, the trend is definitely favoring the local zone as we looked at spots late yesterday that were much closer to home and obviously pushing to the north. Lastly, and perhaps most encouraging, is the overall quantity of fish that is thankfully spread out over a vast area rather than concentrated in a small zone to be throttled by the relentless, industrial purse seine fishing fleet. Let us hope and pray that this pattern continues so we all share in the bounty as it becomes available. In closing for this voyage, we see many things to generate optimism about the summer season to come. Between the sign of all forms of tuna offshore, and the incredible quantity of yellowtail along coast, there promises to be many good times on the water to come. In the meantime, Captain "Lucky" Toussaint takes command on the next couple of eight day voyages so look for his reports, and plenty of good fishing to come.



Posted: 13:53:00

Following a heavenly night of grease calm conditions on the anchor, we picked up where yesterday left off with fantastic morning action on 15 - 35# yellowtail until we had our fill and moved into the shallows to target a few exotics and lunch fish. Between the spectacular scenery, the epic fishing, and a stellar group of anglers who thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this fantastic phase of the voyage, we are feeling incredibly fortunate and satisfied. Now, the next big challenge is ahead with our final day offshore seeking to produce some form of tuna action. Presently, reports are very encouraging with the entire ocean transforming over the past two days and both albacore and bluefin tuna showing across a broad area. There has been a lot of looking, and a little bit of catching, but prospects are feeling very good for the upcoming days, weeks, and months ahead. It goes right back to the report from a couple of days back. The ability of the ocean to dramatically change, in short order, is what fuels our never ending optimism. With any luck our good fortune will continue in the form of a few albacore and tuna to finish on tomorrow.


Posted: 07:11:00

We got the justice we were looking for today in the form of fantastic coastal action on yellowtail that included epic fishing on the surface jigs and a show of fish crashing for miles around. Much of the fish showing in the afternoon were reluctant to bite but the morning was a different story as the yellows got with the program and kept us as busy as anglers chose to be. One's catching success was based entirely upon how much effort they wished to dedicate to the cause with easy limits coming for most and plenty of catch and release being practiced as well. Thank goodness that change is so dependable out here. To think that two days prior there was zero sign of what we encountered today is a perfect example of why regardless of what reports we receive from our colleagues, or how poor catching has been, there is always reason to remain optimistic. Between the networks of communication we access, the mobility of our vessels, and our ability to rapidly adjust to whatever conditions may be, long range fishing, and catching, is incredibly reliable. That is not to say the catching is guaranteed, we have all suffered through the rare voyage where the ocean shuts down completely. But historically there is no better fishing venue on the planet with a success ratio that bests long range fishing. Add to this the spectacular scenery, fantastic service, and good company one finds on these vessels and the package is complete.

With such a fantastic day of coastal action, we will be focusing tomorrow solely on the trophy yellowtail and likely mix in a few drifts for exotics and perhaps even a few fish we can serve up tomorrow to the delight of anglers and crewmen alike. We have plenty of time and bait to invest in the effort and are presently enjoying our good fortune with gratitude that the fish gods have smiled upon us.


Posted: 14:57:00

Well, other than good offshore working weather, nothing about this day will go down in the history books as memorable; and I mean nothing. We worked at it all day, covering an honest one hundred miles, and landed one bonito, one yellowtail, and did see a couple of unidentified tuna?s jump that never gave us a chance to get close. Wow. Not fun for us on the bridge but I can say that our group of anglers took the slow day in stride enjoying the fine weather, company, and of course galley fare. As we say out here, we all share in the results of each day - good or bad. As far as the catching goes today, it was definitely bad. So onward ho as we make our next move down the line hoping the islands will provide us salvation in the form of good fishing action on quality yellowtail. Needless to say we are ready to get this show on the road with all our tackle and spirits well prepared for action.


Posted: 08:44:00

It is amazing how such a short duration can feel like an eternity. We are now back in action however officially beginning our season over the weekend with a quick one and one half day that yielded only a couple of handfuls of yellowtail in less than desirable sea conditions. Regardless, a fine time was had by all as chef's Drew Rivera and Jeffery Grant turned on the charm and treated all as loyalty with four fantastic meals and plenty to enjoy in between. No doubt, things offshore have started out a little slow this year with a good early showing on the bluefin fizzling out as the fish are now either down or on the move. In addition, the smaller grade albacore have also made themselves scarce over the past ten days so we all appear to have our work cut out for us as we cover ground in search mode. Of course the coast and islands are the preferred bail out in the event the offshore effort doesn't pan out. Presently there are plenty of the big yellows around but convincing them to bite has been a bit challenging. As one can likely determine, nothing is coming easy at present and time and effort are the only solution. We are heading down on our first five day with plans to commit plenty of both to the cause while thoroughly enjoying ourselves in the process. In the meantime we will maintain daily reports but don't be surprised or dismayed if the information is delayed a few days or is occasionally interrupted. With fierce competition for resources, especially offshore, we all must practice self preservation in the form of guarding our findings from those who wish to capitalize on our efforts. Enjoy the information as it becomes available.


Posted: 14:44:27

The weather finally gave us a break and allowed us to work offshore.After a slow morning we got into an area with some albacore. We had some short stops but it never really got with the program. In the afternoon we went looking for something better and in typical Royal Star fashion found a school of bluefin tuna for an upbeat finish to our day. We will be in this area again tomorrow


Posted: 14:44:00

This morning we started working on bluefin tuna as soon as it was light. We hit spot after spot, but alas the finicky bluefin refused to bite well. We managed to scratch about one a rod for our morning of fishing. We are currently heading up the line and will be at the dock at 0915 tomorrow the 8th.


Posted: 14:44:00

Everyone was feeling refreshed today after a night tucked in behind the island. We started fishing in the same area as yesterday and despite very different water conditions found some yellows willing to play. They were a little finicky, but we managed about two a round before deciding to look for something better. After a couple hours of searching we connected with a school of better grade yellows. These 25 - 35 pound fish were eager to bite the yo-yo jig and at times we had 8 to 10 going. When our bite ended we had all of the yellows we wanted, so we slid up the island picking at bass for tomorrows lunch. Our happy group of anglers enjoyed the spectacular views and calm conditions tight to the island. After a dinner in the lee we headed offshore and will be hunting for tuna tomorrow.


Posted: 04:45:00

This morning started off a little slow with a pick bite on 25# class yellows. A drift mid morning produced a little better action and an anchor job around lunch gave us steady, 3-5 going till the mid afternoon. The wind was not as much of a factor today and we are all glad to be out of the weather.


Posted: 08:16:00

Alijos was not in a giving mood this morning. Water conditions remained good , but the life seemed to disappear. The less than ideal weather remains a factor as we released a few yellows before opting to head north and try our hand behind an island. Spirits remain high as we have a lot of time and a lot of fishing still to come.


Posted: 09:30:00

Upon our arrival at Alijos we found good water temp, color and current. The small yellows (12-15#) were biting in the shallows. We opted to set up outside of them and try for tuna. Throughout the afternoon we scratched at 12-15 # yellowfin mixed with the same grade yellowtail. It was good action on bait, yo-yo jigs and even the surface iron. We will be here again tomorrow.


Posted: 09:29:00

As dawn broke this morning, our weather was less than ideal. We put the jigs out and started burning it in the glasses. We stayed in good, cold but good, water untill the early afternoon with no strikes and no surface sign of tuna. I,m sure that the weather just had the fish down. Given the sea state we opted to continue running with it towards Alijos rocks and will arrive there tomorrow morning. Wish us luck as we have no current reports from Alijos and are "swinging for the fence".

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