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A thoroughly disappointing, maddeningly frustrating day on the outside as we looked at spot after spot of trophy yellowfin that showed zero interest in what we had to offer on the hooks and only occasionally arose to the surface to lazily slurp a bait. After a full day of effort our catch total on trophy class yellowfin tuna was zero and in the low teens on school size fish. Throw in a handful of yellowtail and needless to say it was in stark contrast to yesterday's production. From hero to zero as the saying goes. All kidding aside I was probably the most wrought up about the day's horrendous results as our anglers enjoyed the phenomenal scenery, epic flat calm, balmy weather, and an island sea that is absolutely packed with life.

The lack of production probably would have been easier to swallow if the catching hadn't been so incredible here during the past week but as we have discovered on both the positive and negative end for so many years - conditions and fishing changes. This fact is really the only thing one can depend on over time in fishing. In fact, it is for this exact reason that we are still optimistic about our odds of success here tomorrow. The fish are here, the weather is superb, we are loaded with perfect bait, and we are sitting on an already fine catch of good tuna in the hatch.

Taking all these factors into account, we are sitting tight hoping that a change for the better is in store for all of us here tomorrow. If you are on our team now is the time send along your well wishes.



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