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Other than some epic scenery and serene weather conditions, I can't say we wrapped up the fishing on a strong note. We gave it a good look however and found plenty to pique our interest for upcoming voyages. As we are already sitting on a fine catch in premium condition in the RSW tanks, the net effect of the final morning action, or lack thereof, on the overall success of the trip was negligible. As such we took off for home in decent weather and fine spirits tidying up the gear and tending to small projects in preparation for the next Baja Fish Gear seven day voyage departing tomorrow.

Before I get ahead of myself however I want to extend our most sincere thanks to this group of anglers who were model individuals throughout all phases of this voyage. Whether the fishing was outrageous or slow these anglers demonstrated the right approach enjoying the overall experience and a keen awareness for the vacation aspect of a long range fishing adventure. Again thank you to all who joined us and also to Dennis Braid and Justin Greenberg representing Braid Products on this Braid sponsored voyage. Dennis' trips are always a pleasure to fish on and seem to have a knack for good timing when it comes to the fishing over the past five years. Whether by design or pure luck the results speak for themselves time and again.

Now it is on to the next voyage and daily reports will continue as I have the pleasure of driving during the next seven days. With any luck our good fortune will continue as there are plenty of fish to be caught and good times to be found. We will see.

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