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Now this is more like it. Very good sign of trophy yellowfin tuna, ideal weather, and the fish showing a little bit more interest in biting with a couple of handfuls of big fish for the effort including two over the coveted two hundred pound mark and a three hundred nine pound beauty for long range veteran Stas Vellonakis.

Now I can, and have, shared plenty about all the fantastic anglers I have had the pleasure to know and observe over the years. Knowing this I can say with certainty that a better overall angler, from his impeccable choice of equipment, to his dedicated effort at the rail, his demeanor among fellow anglers and well grounded lack of self importance, and most notably his smooth technique in landing giant yellowfin tuna once hooked, cannot be outmatched or outdone. Oh of course on any given day or week anyone can be out fished. Such is the nature of fishing itself. But I am speaking of the whole picture. In this capacity, over many consecutive years, Stas has earned my, Randy's, and a host of other prominent veteran long range Captain's complete respect. So huge congratulations are in order and are extended to Stas most graciously from all of us here for a job well done.

Needless to say we are feeling much more enthusiastic about the showing on big fish today although they still did leave plenty to be desired in the biting department. Man oh man. If these devils will just venture a little further into the right mode - we will be living high on the hog. Not that we are asking for, or expecting, the whole world. But just a little bit better isn't too much to ask is it? One thing certain is that we are ready.


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