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This was one of the best days on premium grade Cedros yellowtail that I have seen in a long time precipitating a flood of memories about the "good old days" that are still a reality at the magical island we consider the yellowtail capital of the west coast of North America. Between the grease, flat calm conditions, epic scenery as a background, and dramatic setting of fishing right up on the beach in 20 - 50 feet of water I can not imagine a more memorable fishing scenario. Throw in 25 - 40# yellowtail crashing around and hammering just about anything anglers chose to fish with, especially our favorite - the long rod with a surface iron, and the most perfect yellowtail fishing scenario one can dream of was complete. There are a lot of ecstatic anglers down below right now reveling in the day's action that lived up to, and likely exceeded, every vision of yellowtail glory they previously entertained. Believe me the significance of this caliber of fishing is not lost on this veteran crew and I either as we invest a tremendous number of days in this region hoping for action on this grade yellowtail even half this good that doesn't come often.

Recognizing the significance of this incredible fishing on premium grade yellowtail, and having the full green light to hammer away at them to our hearts content, we hit the brakes at one hundred fifty fully content that we caught our share and then some. For this grade of fish, and the amount of other species we already have on board, to take any more would have been ridiculously greedy, piggish, and sick. The way fishing is you can never bank them for the next time, but these are the occasions that identify the modern, responsible long range fishermen who are well capable of self regulation. Knowing when you have caught enough, and exercising prudent judgment when the opportunity to really put the wood to them beyond a reasonable quantity arises, identifies the true character and mettle of sport fishermen. That goes for anglers on deck as well as Captain's and crewmen alike. Knowing when to stop is as important in today's times as the pursuit of fishing itself. When I espouse this notion I admit there is an element and/or motive of self preservation. But regardless, and most importantly, it is the principal all of us out here must embrace and respect because it is the right thing to do.

So now it is back to the pursuit of tuna heading back to the offshore zone where we hope to take advantage of the rapidly improving weather that promises plenty of opportunity. Perhaps more variety is in the cards as we work to the north where there just may be a few lingering albacore. We hope so. For now though larger yellowfin is our main quarry and we have the weather and time to invest in the effort. Today's photo features the two charter heads on this voyage hamming it up during one of the day's spectacular stops. Larry Brown did the catching and Ed Tschernoscha, proprietor of the premier southland tackle store Baja Fish Gear, provided the humor as the incredible grade of yellowtail landed today is prominently featured. In addition, Bob Leitelt does the honors with one of his many beautiful, cookie cutter, "premium" grade yellowtail.

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