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Quite the rude awakening this morning as our flat calm conditions of yesterday rapidly deteriorated into a full blown Santa Ana gale that would have been ugly were it not for a strategic course change that directed the worst of it off our stern. Sliding downhill is infinitely more comfortable than taking ten foot seas abeam and hanging on with both hands. Thankfully, as happens more often than not in this region, the worst of it was over by noon and we returned to our original heading no worse for the wear and plenty grateful for the good conditions return. Otherwise the day passed without a hitch as we put the finishing touches on our gear in preparation for game time tomorrow.

Based on our good friend Captain Brian Kiyohara's reports from below, it sounds like we need to say a few prayers or perform some kind of a rain dance as the same old scenario of plenty of fish that don't bite continues to vex all efforts. The most important element however, signs of fish, remains consistent. The second most important element, good weather, is also in our favor with a primo forecast for three full days to come. So with that in mind we will throw our hat in the mix and hope that our timing is on the mark.


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