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Although there is still a slight element of frustration here, as we continue to be shunned by the vast majority of the plentiful giant yellowfin tuna we see, every once in awhile we hit a spot that reacts and that is enough to keep us at the rail fully enthused by the potential. The sight of two to three hundred pound yellowfin blowing out and plowing through the water mere yards from the stern does wonders for the level of enthusiasm as well. For this group of anglers that is dedicated to the pursuit of giant yellowfin tuna however, really a better scenario can not be drafted. Of course the fish could bite a little better, but the action is good enough at the present pace to accumulate a regulation bounty before our fishing time plays out - if our luck holds. Eleven fish was our total today with another three over the two hundred mark and the rest from one sixty to one eighty. Fish of the day goes to Rob Mc Adam with a two sixty three with the other two twenty and two fifteen landed by Bart Ryder and Mike Sakasegawa. Congratulations guys on a job well done.

The weather is flat calm, conditions are ideal, the fish are here, and we have loads of time and perfect bait. This is as perfect a setup as we can ask for. Believe me after wrangling with the opposite luck on the previous couple of voyages, we are appropriately grateful. Before I get ahead of myself however, we have a long way to go. And boy do we know how fast things can change. As such we are taking it as it comes and appreciating every minute of it.

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