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Well the final glory hit was not meant to be as we covered a broad stretch of ocean brimming with school size tuna, dolphins, and birds but very little in the way of giant yellowfin. This was one of those times when a handful of boats working together would have been a huge advantage as the fish pushed well off the bank over the last few days and out into open water. With the amount life we saw and plenty good conditions, I have little doubt that the jumbos were somewhere within the twenty square miles around the bank, we just didn't get on them. Perhaps not though as we found what appeared to be the right group of dolphins, worked them for a two twenty one, a two forty seven, and one tuna around one forty that was sporting another hook from some unlucky angler a few days past. Perhaps it was just a down day, or the fish moved on, as we saw very little where it appeared that we should have been looking at the mother lode. We'll never know. It's the nature of fisherman, at least all the fishermen I know, to ponder and continuously question any and every factor when the day doesn't unfold to our complete satisfaction.

To that end however I have to be careful a not get too carried away with the griping as we have experienced the most extraordinary luck from both a fishing and weather perspective one could dream of over the past nine days. I can hardly begin to sufficiently express our gratitude for the good fortune we have enjoyed this voyage that could not have been better scripted to fit the skill set and goals of this superb group of anglers. Nine days of flat calm weather with consistent opportunities at exactly what these anglers were hoping for every day. It is a rare occasion that virtually everything on a fishing voyage of this length unfolds in our favor. It is to be expected that over the course of nine days on the open ocean there will be at least a few lost to sloppy weather, fishing missteps, and/or the fish disappearing or not biting. Not this voyage. Incredibly enough, despite the fickle nature of this zone, good fortune prevailed.

Master angler Todd Phillips appropriately took big fish honors today with the two forty seven while Mike Sakasegawa landed the beautifully proportioned two twenty one. I took the time to express our admiration for several individuals during this voyage. Todd is another among the exclusive few whose instinctual approach to fishing defines being at the top of the game. In every respect there simply is no better.

So that ends it and we have a whopping eight hour ride in to Cabo San Lucas where our anglers and I disembark tomorrow for the express ride home. Captain Toussaint will be taking the boat up the line in what appears to be the phenomenal trend of yet more flat calm weather - unbelievable. In the meantime, I will be posting many photos from the voyage over the next few days as well as a few final thoughts. No doubt about it, we were living right this time. A beautiful load of perfectly handled giant yellowfin in RSW tanks, the boat operating in top condition, and satisfied anglers round out as close to a perfect voyage as possible. Yes sir, it was our time.

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