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Well it appeared as though the tab for all the good weather we enjoyed during the voyage had come due as the wind and sea state rapidly built throughout the morning. We buttoned things up, forewent a planned stop or two to target a few lunch fish, and pushed to gain altitude before things got too uncomfortable. Then, instead of getting worse, the sea state began to improve helped along by a ten to twelve foot northwest swell at a long interval that stretched the ocean out to a perfect distance for Royal Star to ride up and over what came at her as opposed to down and through. Though far from flat calm, it was as comfortable an uphill ride as one could hope for considering the forecast and potential for much worse. Anytime we can roll and slide up the line rather than smash and bang our way through is a bonus from my perspective.

So we ended on a good note satisfied that we constructed a well rounded voyage taking advantage of nearly every opportunity available to us during this round in the lower reaches. Through our experience, information network, and local knowledge we managed to squeeze eight full fishing days into this ten day voyage providing our anglers plenty of opportunity to target the big three that I always tout as the barometer of success on long range voyages. Quality, variety, and sufficient quantity were again achieved this voyage through plenty of leg work and solid planning. I can't say that we annihilated the fish, or are coming in with the hatches packed full to the brim, but, relative to what was available during this time frame, we are plenty satisfied. Throw in the bonus three hundred thirteen pound yellowfin, and two others over the coveted two hundred pound mark, and we are ecstatic.

In the end, going back to what I was mentioning in yesterday's report, it is all about the anglers on board and how they enjoy themselves both individually and as a group during the voyage. In this respect I can honestly say that I couldn't have the privilege to fish with a better group of individuals who obviously came on this trip to catch a few fish, but as important to have a good time doing so. On the final day of fishing when everyone was hooting, hollering, cajoling, and ribbing one another upon the capture of a wide variety of incidental miniature junk fish it really sank in. A little laughter goes a long way and a lot of laughter has a contagious effect that lightens the atmosphere and brightens everyone's demeanor. My sincerest gratitude to Fred Fukunaga and this entire group of fantastic anglers who made this trip a pure pleasure to run for both my crew and I. Fred and I share a history of at least seventeen years fishing together on Royal Star and I confidently state that I have never spent a day on any voyage he has headed up as Charter Master that I did not enjoy and appreciate. Again thank you to Fred and every angler on board this voyage. I look forward to the opportunity to fish with all of you again!

Today's photos feature a fantastic father and son shot of Captain Gregg Tanji and his dad Bob with a ninety five pound yellowfin tuna Mr. Tanji landed on the kite gear. Also, always smiling Bob Hiyane who had good reason to during this round landing three of the bigger yellowfin down below during the first two days of fishing. Finally, I haven't spoken lately of the talent of Chef Jeffrey Grant and assistant Tommy Grant. Take a look at this spectacular example of what these guys turn out daily in the Royal Star galley. I have put the Iron Chef long range challenge out several times in the past based on creations such as these. To date I am still waiting for any takers. And by the way, this savory thing tasted even better than it looked.

Look for Capt. Toussaint's reports to continue as he heads up the next eleven day Las Rocas adventure. With Randy coming back following his month long lobster fishing hiatus stand by for the fishing to really take off. He is just what we need to kick the big fish action into high gear. Enjoy his reports to come and your weekend.


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