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After a full morning and early afternoon of looking we began the fishing portion of the trip on the right note with four yellowfin tuna over the two hundred mark and a couple of other missed opportunities at equally large ones. Needless to say we are enthusiastic about the significant change that has occurred as the guys during the last cycle of trips in this lower zone caught very little and did not see any quantity of these cows.

With any luck our timing is right and this is the beginning of a new trend. Although we did not rack up big numbers, everything we saw was in the behemoth size class, and there was plenty to be seen. As such we are doing our best to contain our enthusiasm and excitement. Presently we could not be better positioned with a brimming full load of bait, perfect weather, and six full days to work in this zone if conditions hold. As I mentioned on the ride down we have the ideal, ultra limited load of expert anglers on board, all of whom are seeking this exact opportunity. We'll see how our luck holds out. In the meantime we will keep everyone posted through the daily log.

Finally, I again want to encourage any prospective anglers to sign on one of our upcoming voyages either just after Christmas or the fifteen day in January. Both voyages are a real bargain and are aligned to take advantage of this zone that is showing every indication of holding up, or perhaps even really taking off, over the next six to eight weeks. Water temps are perfect and stable, the sign of fish and bait is excellent, and there is plenty of space available on both voyages that presently are a definite go regardless of whether additional anglers join us or not. For both Royal Star and angler's sake however, I sincerely hope at least a few more of you join us and take advantage of this excellent opportunity to target both mid range and trophy class yellowfin tuna in this zone. If you have the time and wherewithal give Tracy or Brian a call in the office to save a spot. In particular, if you are teetering on the fence, a five minute conversation with Brian should help motivate and/or inspire you to pull the trigger. Do it guys. You won't be sorry.

Today's photos feature the man himself Charter master Bart Ryder who broke the ice with a 234. Long time Royal Star veteran and my good friend Bob Palatella also started off right with a 217 taken on the fly lined sardine. Big fish of the day weighed in at 276 but the photo of victorious long time Royal Star favorite Tommy Nishi and I didn't come out too well. With any luck we'll get another shot tomorrow or beyond. Good luck to all of us working together out here.


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