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Well we had plenty of opportunities today, and definitely finished ahead of the curve, but this would have been a very big day were it not for a costly run of hard luck on jumbos that served as a reality check for some anglers and admittedly chapped our hide; or maybe better said, chapped our pride. Honestly, if even one of these trophy yellowfin escapes, we consider it one too many. But, we are well acquainted with both the law of averages and inevitability when targeting giant yellowfin. So, regardless of our sentiments, we understand that we must accept a certain percentage of casualties as a matter of course.

Beyond my sniveling about the ones we didn't get, we landed another five over the two hundred mark as well as a sundown 312 for long time Royal Star veteran John Santella that was quite a story in itself. In addition to the fish over two hundred, that were 207, 217, 231, 255, and 283, another ten from 160 - 198 came aboard with a handful of those just missing the "deuce" category. Needless to say we are very pleased with the overall result and again are encouraged by the sign of big fish on the bank that spread very well between all of us fishing here. We have a little wind coming in the forecast so we will see if any kind of change comes with it, but for now we are plenty satisfied with what we have to work with. Lots of time, good sign of big fish, good enough working weather, and a perfect group of anglers to sit and target straight jumbos. We'll see if we can keep the ball rolling as we are off to very good beginning.

Photos today feature angler John Santella and his 312 that was another epic battle that appeared lost as his trophy took all his line, went out on a back up, then died and sank to the bottom only to become hopelessly snagged. As the big afternoon bite time was looming, and we did not want to take the chance at breaking off his rig or losing our position, we had little choice other that to tie it off to the boat, wait until after dark, then pull our anchor and see if we could retrieve the outfit and fish by heading out off the edge and pulling from another angle. From a strictly mathematical perspective we knew the odds of success were indeed slim. But, without other options, and nothing to lose by trying, we gave it a shot. Unbelievably enough, the attempt unfolded exactly as planned, and almost four hours after John hooked the three hundred twelve pound yellowfin tuna he has been trying for at least fifteen years, he had his trophy. It came up clean, stiff, and hooked directly in the tail as dead as could be. It was a real triumph for John in particular as he has suffered some bona fide heartbreaks on giants over the years. Photo number two features angler Tommy Nishi who had a repeat today with another jumbo that weighed in at 255. This time the photo came out well so along with it is Tommy's greeting to his brother Steve who we all wish was here to share in the fun.


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