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Another day of scratching at big ones that began ominously with a fat zero for the entire morning before the fish finally moved in a gave us our token couple of handful of chances. The surface showing is almost indescribable as giant cows plow around the boat leaving bomb craters in their path while they slurp down bait after bait. Nothing keeps anglers motivated better than the sight of massive boils right next to the boat. Actually, not just the sight. The audible commotion created by the beasts breaking the surface is crystal clear often alerting us to turn and look in that direction. And when we do, if we are not fishing already, it is almost impossible to resist to urge to toss another bait. The potential pay off is too great to resist.

On that note our photos today feature a couple of anglers with the big pay off in hand. Ron Medak, father of New Lo-Ann owner and former Royal Star Captain and first class crewmember for many years Markus Medak, scored the fish of a lifetime late yesterday afternoon landing a 330 on the fly lined sardine using 130# Blackwater fluorocarbon. The second photo features Ran and former Major American League Baseball MVP Jeff Burroughs who simultaneously battled and conquered his 295 while Ron pulled on his. Congratulations to both men who earned these trophies in every respect.

Needless to say we have no plans other than to take full advantage of this fantastic, made to order opportunity for the duration of the trip. We are still sitting pretty with a huge amount of bait, two full days, near ideal working weather, and a highly motivated group of anglers ready to hard charge to the bitter end. For any prospective anglers still thinking about one of our upcoming voyages, the sign of both these jumbos and "mid rangers" in the 70 - 120 pound class continues to be excellent. They are not in the best biting mood this week, but that is certain to change. The most important thing is that there is plenty of sign of fish. To my thinking, based on all I have seen and done, that is the most important component of success - they have to be in the area first. Rest assured they are and that there is plenty of very good fishing to come. You will either read about it or be here. I sincerely hope it is the latter - especially with us on Royal Star.


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